Safety Fabrics For Skin And Health Should Know To Use

Fabrics created from many chemicals can affect user skin, so choose fabrics with natural origin such as silk, fleece wool, .. for health protection.0: 00/2: 16 Southern garment industry is growing with many new materials. However, not all of them are good for human health, namely skin, because this is a very sensitive department

. The problem of choosing fabrics is even more important for babies because young children are easy to irritate whether the smallest risks. Many types even contain harmful chemicals. Please note the selection of fabrics below to ensure the health when using
Cotton illustration scandal.Cotton is a breathable fabric, absorbs good sweat from the skin, anti-hot in the summer and keep warm in the winter . In particular it does not cause skin irritation and quite durable. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for people to wear to help the skin stay comfortable.len Merino fleece This is a completely natural air conditioning and humidity material, without loss of shape or sagging time. Instead, it is very soft, lightweight and also resistant to natural UV rays. Alpaca wool can also be a good alternatal option.Cashmerecashmere is a very valuable material. No heavy chemicals are used to create a smooth feeling of cashmere and it's great when it feels its smoothness on your skin. Hemp hemp hemp is woven from hemp has served people in the row thousand years
It is famous for the power and durability with the best natural material when keeping shape and not. More specifically, the more Hemp fabric wears it becomes even more soft. This soft cloth is not only a luxurious structure but also provides health benefits. It can slow down the aging process, help treat eczema, asthma, with anti-fungal effects, help avoid allergies and improve sleeping. Bamboo fibers are an interesting new replacement for self-fabric Traditional natural. Bamboo textiles are also as soft and smooth as other natural fabrics, but are not allergic, very breathable and helps to adjust the body heat. Bamboo fiber can absorb moisture from even better skin than cotton And protect the body from UV rays like Merino fleece wool. In addition, it can biodegradable. The fabric is very comfortable and durable. It is also easy to care and suitable for every season. Like some other natural textiles, it has an allergenic properties, feeling comfortable and will allow good conditioner skin. Huong Giang / VietQ

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