Who knows as Ho Chi Minh City, who is alone for Saigon's name, acquainted. Lao Tin and Loi Saigon very much! Saigon (Source: Internet) This morning is sunny. He still remembers Ho Chi Minh City. Did remember, because there are half a family, his friends in it. TP is tingling in pandemic with comedy stories

. But the news of the city will overcome the whole country, like how many times: victory! Honestly likes the name of Saigon more, closer and rabbit. Many times in Saigon, Lao Brake shirt, Dang foot sitting on the sidewalk. Who knows who knows in your drinking friends, who is soldier, go by? Equality from the shoulder pats the way to lift the "zo zô"
Lai Rai from the end of the night to midnight and leaned off. Tomorrow "anyone enters it", doesn't remind the day. It is very beautiful, such as Ngoc Vien Dong. But he didn't like it, he was old and also the old story. Remember around 2003, he was invited to Bangkok (Thailand) as a project. Boss, a Vietnamese giant, grandmother of the Vietnamese. He did not know Vietnamese but his only daughter made Vietnamese translator to the delegation. At that time I was in sixth grade. Every time she worked, she entered the desk to open a computer sitting ready for 5 minutes, very professional, seriously "like adults". That's that to know he loves and always remembers Vietnam
Once he confided: In 1974 he went to Saigon, he thought "to be 30 years with a new cup with Saigon". At that time, Saigon was the "Vien Dong Pearl", he wanted to live. But nearly 30 years later he turned around, "Must 30 years of new Saigon with Bangkok". Exactly, because thereby looking at the active Komatsu excavator, he was strange. Yet less than 10 years after Saigon is not far away. Saigon is that! Artwork (Source: Internet) Returned today, the whole country is heading to Saigon, sharing all difficulties. Many provinces discuss how to bring their children back home to share the burden, to "relax the way". Yet many heroes are growing up "Nghe An accidentally, Nghe An delays" enough type. Rush to say, remember: "unpredictable speed". The love to be in your heart is intact, saying your mouth is not smart. Nhé! My relatives (even older children) keep calm, take care of themselves before letting others worry. It will still be there, Saigon runs out of epidemic, the whole country will be called in Ho Chi Minh City, who is called the name Saigon, used to. Mr. Tin and Loi Saigon Last! ./. July / 2021 According to the village story Tran Vu Quang

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