Saigon Boys And ‘scary Thing More Than Death’

Escape from the death scythe Covid-19, the Saigon boy now with his team crept with a small alley in Ho Chi Minh City won the life for patients. This 30-year-old boy is Le Thanh Phong, Member Vivu quick reactive team coordination. His team is responsible for granting oxygen, drug granting and doctor contact for patients who become severe. Regardless of the sun or rain, daughter or late, he and the members of the team are constantly holiday, creeping to every corner to regain life for the F0. Family walk through the door of the door

. I am trying to turn the emergency car for a severe CA F0. In the light of the fluttering, the rain shorts the way, he was checked for each oxygen before the wheelchair. In the rainy screen, the goggles of the weather were steamed
And the wet shirt was probably by rain, and by the sweat. The car has just disappeared the ball, the phone wrinks the ring. QUA GROUP is blurred, we see his special gaze. Not a folding, it is not worried like most other calls. This view of Phong is the gaze of being satisfied and happy. A patient F0 has just reported from the disease after several days of fighting the god of death. It was true that it was difficult to meet. After nearly two weeks, with dozens of calls and messages sent, we can see you today, when we watched him, we suddenly understood that, it was not because of arrogant or slander slot, which only for a single reason: time does not allow. Every day, get hundreds of emergency calls, he reeled in the coordinated rotation: Oxygen level - Article doctor - Find medicine. This fact is different from the image that we have predetermined about an F0 that has just healed
This day last month, himself and 5 relatives in the family are F0 with bad prognosis. Located on the bed, Phong Dirsle with the arrangement of Heaven. And any more pain when helpless to look at your wife and children, the parents are next to the eyes of closing and weaknesses. He feels, the antipyretic drug, the pain relief is only the effect to do Let me and everyone fascinated for a moment. Epidema, disaster. It knocked on his door right at the moment he was most unexpected. In some moment, when in the middle of the boundary between life - death, the desire to live suddenly became intense. Family pillars, Phong did not allow them to lose. With the remaining strength, he tries to understand the self-treatment method and contact volunteer teams. However, in 6 people infected, only he was quite up.Sai Gon that night was rainy. That night, he saw the wife's life wire more fragile than ever. The room stood there, helpless, unable to do anything before that day, he was not better than his mother's night. So, he understood, he understood a scary feeling when he was about to touch the door to the door. The person lying there, the subconscious screaming, only wishes to have a hand - grasp. Then, the reality of tears still falls, the foot of the foot cannot stir. And then, in the middle of the blind rain, the blue shirts are gradually present. Come in front of your house, bring the miracle. Phong, followed by his wife, then children, and finally parents. The whole family is lucky to walk through the door. This is also the reason this now he is here, looking for life for thousands of others to respond to the favor that his life has spoken to them. I am fateful. Fate that the whole family is F0, to be rescued as a miracle. And now, he himself should be with Vivu. All, somehow happened to fit the most, most reasonable. The members of Vivu, they should have just supported the rear for the kitchens to eat 0 VND. In June, July, they provided tens of tons of rice, vegetables, meat, eggs for the kitchens. From the kitchens of this 0 copper, the first and the poor force of the translation and the poor get more warm meals. Meeting each other, the decision is no longer behind but storm into the head. With your relationships, they find more doctors who support online cases. At the same time, gather more friends together to think - want to save people, to find oxygen, medicine. From that, oxygen flasks, drug bags are brought to the place for F0, regardless of day or night, Sunny wind or storms. The day of the Family Room was rescued is also the early days that Vivu works officially with the purpose of directly rescing people. One more frightening than death ... pulling Vivu's records, we have to rub your eyes Several times by numbers that they have never thought of. Less than 20 members, but until now the group has supported nearly 500 cases of dangerous F0. All are treated for free treatment groups. There are calls at 3am, when people are liming to sleep. Emergency messages at 12 noon, when the whole team is rushing to share a loaf of bread ... anyone who needs it, they immediately go on the way. The hand's hand, bringing the bread to invite them I have dinner along. Crush

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