Saigon Letter (no. 15): The Weaker In Saigon And The Story Of Trust Passing Through Covid-19

Covid-19 epidemic collapses to Saigon, causing the city to overcome the control, preventing to bring life soon back to normal new state.02: 00/1: 40 poor people in Saigon still Try to overcome every hour carving in the conditions of Saigon, there must be a lot of strong measures to push against the epidemic, people with a lot of disturbance. Homeless, freedom, people with difficult circumstances are one of them. They are also heavily influenced by Covid-19. However, the majority of weak people in Saigon are still working with the authorities and authorities in Ho Chi Minh City in the war with great Translation, medium not losing faith, optimism about a beautiful tomorrow will return to the city named Uncle

.Ba name Huong Van, 70 years old. Night she sleeps on a chair outside the corner of the gasoline, taking the rain, takes the raincoat, bossing the cardboard cover, she said it alive, nothing to sad with the movements of the weak people During the day of Covid-19, it was seemed to be collapsed in the lens of the recent photographer of Ngo Tran Hai An. "In the days of making a report, I have a lot of difficult circumstances but they still try to overcome every hour to carve
My friends, even though it is very depressed, very tired, exhausted, But continue my efforts. If you give up your relatives, it is easy to lose faith, but give up, "Hai An photographer shared. Photographer photos of Hai An photographer are associated with the story of Weak people, freelance workers, shipper during Ho Chi Minh City stretching the social way. He hoped everyone don't look at a sad perspective but look at what positively. "I'm tired, it is too lucky, but I feel very lucky, still try every day," Hai An photographer added.

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