Saigon Letter (no. 16): Master Luan Binh – Has Love, We Will Win

Master Lao Binh is one of more than 600 rises, Ni, Buddhists registered in the Panel Hospitals for Covid-19 Treatment in Ho Chi Minh City in nearly a month ago 9: 00/13: 03 nuans Buddha and looking forward to small strengths on the war against Covid-19 epidemic, Master Luan Binh to volunteer at the 12th hospital No. 12 (Thu Duc City). From the day to the hot spot, Master Normally sharing the minds, the story has been taking place at the 12-year-old hospital out to the outside world. The lines of mind, the story of Master Ph Binh has reached the heart of the Buddhists In particular, people in our country are generally interested. Leafers (right) receive support for masks and protective suites to send to Cancer Hospital 2, Tp

. Thu Duc Ms. Nhuan Binh Chua Thong: We volunteered to embark on the first line because of the peace of all of you. Here, even every day facing many risks of infection, we still do full capacity regardless of day, sunny rain to keep the life for everyone
So we have small wishes, that people try to protect their lives well, limiting exchanges, do not go out, perform well 5k. See everyone is F0 to always mind prevention. Accept each other to be close together in the shortest time. Do not accept each other at this time, there is a risk of losing each other forever. Tips to the bottom of your heart, choose how you're depending on. Remember, keep your life, you will have the future. Do not protect your health, a human life ends. The "Saigon Letter" section of the Health Newspaper

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