Saigon Season: Father Unemployed, I Cried Choking Because There Was No Money To Run Dialysis

Do Viet Battle is 17 years old but has spent 12 years of renal runs. The boy understands the hardship of the family because of themselves. Witnessing the unemployed father, the piece of food is not enough, the war will be asked to be in the house. Ho Chi Minh City, the room of Baby Baby Family Do Viet Chien is small but clean. Ms

. Hanh also took me to run the kidneys, her eyes were still wet, red, while or believe the landlord waived for 2 months for the motel. "Supporting a concern, but there are more than 7 million VND The war runs dialysis, buying medicine, we don't know what to do. My husband was unemployed for 2 months, "said Ms
Hanh choked. Division of the war had to run the kidneys for 12 years. At the next year, Do Viet Chien Teo, small as a 6-year-old child. Looking at me, many people cannot believe that teenagers are 17 years old. Seeing a stranger, the boy avoided his gaze, urged his mother to carry it in the house. Tears, Ms. Hanh was painful, when he was born, the battle was like other ordinary babies. When I was over 4 years old, preparing to go to kindergarten to surprise the seizure, flowing. Her husband and wife took me to the hospital, the doctor announced that the child suffered in the last stage kidney failure, advising the family to take the child to treat urgently, otherwise the life will be in danger. "Listen to the doctor to say that me Towled for a long time
I kept thinking that I was only hit by the wind, unexpectedly that my child's life stretched in the years associated with the hospital later, "the mother tried to emotion. Treatment at Children's Hospital 2, after days Holding the drug, I started running kidney when I was 5 years old. The child's health weakened quickly. Every day to run the kidneys, Ms. Hanh also had to carry their children on his back and then arrested 2 buses on the hospital, then arrested the car about.6 months later, the kidney failure of the war was complicated to heart failure, infection Blood, brain abscess, epilepsy. Every time he was born, the doctor no longer found hope but the mother persisted to ask for help. Luckily, the boy surpassed. The sickness of torment, but when the war was also hospitable and did not want their parents to worry. The disability tormented to pain, suffering, but the battle still tried to endure. The long nights don't sleep, I don't know how to sit up, I saw my mother to wake up, the boy comforted it: "I slept and sitting myself. If I'm also sick, someone takes care of me now ". Hanh had to pretend to close his eyes and tried to not let out a cry. Before the war was not long, her family had to sell a small house in Long An province to cure cancer for her sister. Money is all smooth. By the time the son also poured serious illness, indoors didn't float a pocket. Her husband tried to go to the clock, when he did not have a job to hire money to have money for the healing child. More than a year this year, the battle of the age of children, must transfer to Hoc Mon hospital to continue to run dialysis, spending Fees are increasingly expensive, about 7 million VND per month. Also by 2 years of disease disease, Hanh's husband and meals to make a meal, the debt of the family so far the interest of mother profit is not counted, but no one dares to give you money. It is possible to go with his legs, Ms. Hanh must carry or push the child on the wheelchair. In June, her family's inn located in the blocked area to prevent Covid-19, the more life falls into deadlock. Fortunately, the landlord reduced the rent, sometimes having a good house for shrimp noodles, a few signs of rice sufficient to steam. What I am most worried now is the cost for a pitiful son to run dialysis. "There are nights, my wife I think I sleep and so I have a little voice with each other worrying in my heart, suddenly listen to me : "Parents don't try anymore, run the kidneys tired, I don't go anymore." The reality is not tired of being tired of being tired, because then the toxic toxicity into the body, even death ", Ms. Hanh Chieu. Now, I don't know where to find the exit for your son . Translation of Covid-19 still lasts, but the son's disease cannot wait, poor mothers who have spent a lot of white.

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