Samsung And Viettel Shook Hands To Accelerate The 5g Popular Process

Samsung and Viettel has achieved many important agreements revolving around research and development issues, infrastructure of 5G telecommunication network as well as commercial programs to disseminate equipment 4g / 5g. This is one In the contents in the comprehensive development strategy of 5G telecommunications equipment and information technology solutions to accelerate the process of digital conversion for individuals and organizations in Vietnam of Viettel and Samsung Vina Just signed, Samsung and Viettel achieved many important cooperation agreements revolving around core issues on research and development of equipment and telecommunication network infrastructure 5g; Establishing a popular trade program of 4G / 5G equipment to individuals and households. With the above agreements, the two sides also agreed to exchange resources and trained personnel between levels to promote projects Projects and information technology solutions towards the Government and businesses; In parallel, join hands to deploy many projects responsible for society.Viettel and Samsung signed cooperation. (Photo: SAMSUNG) According to Mr

. Le Dang Dung, the right of the President and General Director of Viettel Group, the goal of the Group is to master core technology, design equipment in accordance with standards and create guaranteed product ecosystems Security security. "Cooperation between Samsung and Viettel will create resonance power to accelerate the digital conversion process, creating a breakthrough and building a competitive advantage in the economy 4.0," Dung said
Samsung Vina Director Kevin Lee said: Viettel with the overall digital solution ecosystem and security platform, Samsung Knox mobile administration is two spearheads that are inseparable in supporting businesses and organizations Accelerate the number of digital conversion, towards intelligent governance to high efficiency. Last time, Viettel and Samsung have implemented many important cooperation activities to disseminate 5G equipment to Vietnamese mobile users. At the same time, testing 5G broadcasting stations to optimize strength and connectivity for smart mobile devices, consumer electronics; contribute to perfecting Smart Things ecosystem for individuals and IoT for public services and realization of smart city vision in the territory of Vietnam. Entering business levels, with Samsung Knox security solution, Samsung provides a trusted platform, easy management and direct technical support for each enterprise, organizational agencies. Samsung Knox helps prevent sensitive information leaked in the process of employees using smartphones, tablets, blocking all acts of intrusion from malware and provides comprehensive IT Admin tool to manage equipment , improve the work efficiency of users. duy dance

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