Samsung Profit 13 Billion Usd Thanks To Expensive Chips

Samsung has just recorded the highest profit in the last 3 years thanks to the two key arrays of phones and chips.0: 00/1: 26 NAMITI in the quarterly financial report 3-2021 announced, Samsung said Achieving 13 billion USD, the highest in the last 3 years. This is obtained by the contribution from the global increase in selling chip prices as well as the latest generation of the phone to be positively welcomed by customers. and at the same time bringing new products to customers to quickly attract buyers. However, the new chip is a factor contributing strongly to Samsung, because the chip is deficient globally, and firms have The demand for chips are looking for any price

. Particularly in the first half of 2021, the chip field contributed to more than half of the profits for, Samsung announced the chip business plans to dominate the market in the coming time. The main goal is to rise to the No
1 position in the global chip segment because Samsung is still second behind the Taiwanese chip producer TSMC.Samsung said, will deploy chip production according to the process of 3 nanometers The first half of 2022, and will upgrade the 3nd tanometer process to the second generation in 2023. By 2025, Samsung will offer the 2 nanomet chip. In the chip manufacturing technology, the smaller the nanometer process, the chip Be stronger and run faster. However, Samsung is also not easy to acquire chip because TSMC has built a chip factory according to the process of 3 nanometers.

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