Sandwich Skin Care: The Secret To Keeping Skin Hydrated When Collecting

Defeating all other skin care methods, Sandwich skin care is currently the most popular skin care trends.02: 00/2: 16 Namkhi weather becomes dry, skin Becoming it is easy to peel. Or when you have to work regularly in the air conditioning room, your skin is also very dry and lack of vitality. Now, can Sandwich skin care can be "save" for your dry skin. What is Sandwich skin care? Although we have heard a lot of terms and trends of skin care time Upper from Korea, but the term "Sandwich skin care is said to be derived from Reddit

. It refers to the process of classification of skin care products. Like a sandwich bread, multiplying the cake is sandwiched between two slices of bread; Sandwich skin nursing trend also keeps skin hydrated and minimizes skin loss by "clamping" skin in moisturizing cosmetic classes. Care according to Sandwich skin nursing trends Standard standards of skin care process This: skin cleaning - moisturizing spray - Toner (rose water) - Moisturizing spray - Serum - Moisturizing spray - Moisturizer
Girls with dry skin can be mixed a few drops of serum in the final step to increase moisture efficiency. On the market there are many common mineral spray brands and suitable for all skin types. If you want to save more, there is a Beauty Blogger that has been displayed on your own moisturizing spray with available products at home: "You can mix part of the rose, toner, lotion with one or two parts of distilled water, water The stream depends on the compatibility with the solidity of the product. After that, shake them and pour it into the sprayer and use immediately. "Note when using Sandwich skin care method in Sandwich skin care trend This, you should not choose mineral sprays containing AHA, BHA, alcohol and other components. Because if using these regular products, your skin will become more sensitive and irritated. Instead, make friends with mineral sprays that contain soft ingredients. For example, mineral sprays are extracted from green tea, aloe or licorice. If your skin is asking for a lack of water, what are you waiting for without trying to catch this sandwich skin care trend? I believe that with this method, your skin will always be stretched as baby skin
Because moisturizing is the golden "key" to bring a perfect skin and repel the aging. Above all, before applying this method, don't forget to find out well to know if it is suitable for your skin or not.

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