Sany Handshake German Partner Upgraded Diesel Engine Production Technology

SANY (China) has signed an agreement to cooperate with Deutz Engines (Germany) joint venture to produce a large number of Sany Eitz engines, in order to serve the largest technology upgrade strategy of this company. This consensus aims to promote partnerships between two major companies in the manufacturing engine engines, on the basis of both sides who have previously cooperated. According to SANY, in the first stage, Deutz will provide Sany about 75,000 new engines in 2022 at the factory in Hunan Province. The production process intends to start in 2021 to promptly promptly coordinate SANY's technological upgrading strategy. During this time, the two sides signed an agreement with representatives of Changsa Government during the ceremony Set the foundation at the production site here

. The goal of these two companies is to build a high-performance engine factory in Hunan Province.Theo Sany, this step is an important part for them to enforce their smart heavy truck project, One key projects in digitization strategy. High-performance engines are Deutz coordinated production to meet China IV standard emissions standards for all dedicated equipment (off-road) and compliance with China vi emission standards for stored devices On-road on the road (on-road)
When installed these engines, SANY's heavy equipment will achieve high performance, low operating costs and reduce the adverse environmental impact. This is considered important advantages, increasing competitiveness in the market. "With the engine ready for Deutz's V stage, our machines are all established for the next round of the exhaust law. We will not have to undergo another expanded design cycle when new regulations on emissions are effective, "said SANY representative. SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a heavy equipment manufacturing company. Multinational of China is headquartered in Truong Sa, Hunan. This is also a manufacturer of equipment facilities located in the top of the world. In Vietnam, TCE Equipment and Services Joint Stock Company was selected as the authorized dealer in SANY since 2010 and is a large agent Top Top of SANY's foreign markets worldwide
TCE in Vietnam is responsible for providing comprehensive work equipment and after-sales service 24/7 for a series of key projects and works from attendances Civil construction, industrial, renewable energy, transportation, mining and environment such as foundation construction, hydropower projects, thermal power, wind power or roads, roads and roads Iron, seaport projects, river ports and airports nationwide. Besides, SANY branded products distributed by TCE are present in many name projects such as: Trung Nam Group, Episode Vingroup, Samsung, Truong Thinh and large contractors such as peace, Coteccons, PowerChina, Fecon.Website: 19003113minh Hoa

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