Sao Viet Catching Trend Practice Plank With Challenges: Lu Lullaby, Who Helps ‘her Beans’

Not only has the Cast 'Running Man Vietnam', artists are also excited to participate in the 'Run From Home' challenge - workout at home and spread positive energy to every person.02: 00/1: 55 domain Namsau When Running Man Vietnam offers a small campaign called Run From Home, not only the cast that artists and audiences are also excited to participate. In addition to aerial PLANK, many artists made creates unique and funny exercises that make viewers interested. Although at home but singer Thien Vuong Group MTV still work hard to practice every day Challenge Run From Home didn't make it difficult for him. To make the exercise more dramatic, Thien Vuong shows the hit hide to find and read the RAP

. However, the true challenge for Thien Vuong is that the two kids at home continued to disrupt, making Plank posts more heavy. / Actor / Spring Phuc model also entered the same by medium plank Singing lullaby with Bolero music. Although he didn't sing all the songs, he tried his best and showed sympathy to the inter-Phat: "Plank is not harder than usual, and the Plank has just been a good thing through 30 seconds
Challenge from Xuan Phuc, but alternatively alternative by inhaling 100 soil. It was not discussed to the fitness, the body without the excess fat of his guy also made the fans stand sitting uneasy. Leading Thanh Choose the challenge Medium Plank has just picked beans. He received a lot of compliments about durability, toughness when Plank was more than 2 minutes. Nont be outside, the beauties are also excited to join. Vu Thao My - Female The singer possesses a super charming shape of all the enthusiasm has done the challenge and the Plank has just sang and a new song to call me immediately. I have gained significant weight during your stay at home, Vu Cong Calendar Run From Home is the motivation for me to harder harder, regain your shape. Not long ago, I have a creative composition with the top 8 songs of Running Man Vietnam 2 songs 021. According to the previous information, Running Man Vietnam will move the broadcast schedule from 7/2021 to mid-September 2021.Thanh Phuong according to FBNV

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