A long time I have a chance to watch a VTC program or so. A short tragedy titled 'Black Glass' content I read somewhere once told the mother born a son of a blind eye with a blindness of 12: 00/1: 44 narrays illustrated Fake selection. It didn't hesitate to donate the eye to the eye so that their children are healed like many other children. She also forgot her to raise children to reach. The boy did not know about the silent sacrifice of her mother, but also always informed, she was an ugly, eye-catching mother, always not leaving the black glass

. Because he looked out she looked very scary. Later when the boy became a wealthy businessman, his wife and children in the city, he remembered his mother, wanting to cure his mother. At this time his mother went too far, he didn't meet his mother anymore
He knew this truth was too late, regretful to make him over the rest of his life because there was no chance to offset his mother's births. A touching story, followed by the song "Mother's diary" composed musician Nguyen Van Chung that singer Hien Thuc or singing was also touched. Then the song was talking about nine months of mother's birthday. After a Buddhist song about the Feast of Vu Lan Hieu. The program is only available but I feel very good and meaningful. Just watching while crying and remembering me and my mother. I just wanted to make money, I wanted to worry about my husband's family would have a regretful day like the boy just now. She always hopes to come back to see a healthy child and her mother every day an old one weaker .ko who escapes the law of creating giving birth, life is short. There will be the day I will never see my mother and that day is very close
Thanks to the Message of VTC that made himself awake and he also wanted to share this message to his friends. In what season Vu Lan came to let us do it, act as a medical report as soon as you can. Those who and who I would like to make my mother cry, don't let your mother's tears fall.

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