Scolded ‘ke Fame’ Statement Of Cong Vinh, What Bags Say?

The incident between the bag and the Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien couple involving the context of the reeferment continued to heat up when recently, Hot Mom Dinh Dam suddenly countered the cannon after being scolded by Netizen 'Ke Fame'. "Behavior" on the personal page, Hang Bag is one of the most famous "hot moms" Nhi Ha Thanh, getting a lot of interest of netizens. Nearly, Hang Bag has caused a stir when public thanks The network community finds its clause in the statement of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien. Even, the bag also emphasizes the fact that Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien is certainly received money, but it is important How did Vinh used. However, there are many virtual nicks that are public - Thuy Tien fans have pulled into this "hot mom" based on the steam, "Ke Fame" to be famous thanks to the event is Hot Statement Girl

. If the bag immediately spoke up, she said she was just "eight" stories with everyone on the personal page. OTHER OTHERS, the argument of the bag in the speech of this steam is: if taking '"FAME " H goods out of money, but nick virtual nick can buy it for me, make more disturbance The fact that if the bag has intended to "Ke Fame", why is Nick hidden on her personal page with only criticism. Hang's bag about the amount of money transferred to the thundersty is true, because once there are mixed opinions on charity, the contributor itself has the right to be wondered
Charity of Cong Vinh and Thuy Tien, keeping the promise on September 17, the couple went to the bank to receive 18000 statement sheets. After receiving Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh statements quickly Livestream In order to show transparency. However, the impact of the "power man" is a bank to protect the bank, the Livestream of Cong Vinh and Thuy Tien have to stop quickly when "ON Air "15 minutes. Readers watching videos: Take the event with Thuy Tien: Cong Vinh is not emotionless now ignores the bikini pattern - Source: Yan Newst

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