Scolding The Pregnant Women Refused To Give Up The Chair, The Ladder Embarrassed To The Car After A Counter

After that statement, the old lady had to 'face salt' to the car in front of the criticism of the passengers.0: 00/2: 42 namthes today, the civilized behavior when traveling on public vehicles has been Many viewers are one of the factors to evaluate and recognize moral qualities. Because so, it is recommended to give up for the elderly, pregnant women, young children or other weak objects seem to have been Become a "unwritten law". But even so, sometimes there are sometimes, the seats on public vehicles like buses or trains become one of the causes of controversy. And the story below is also among them

. Illustration: Internet source. On that day bus, though the seat positions have no more space but reluctantly enough for everyone.When Seeing the number of passengers getting more and more and more, the driver also prompted the passengers to make room for those who need a seat if possible
For the car stopping at the second station, there is a lady to hold down The big basket steps up. Just in the car, she put her handbag right next to a pregnant woman about 6 months. This activity of her instrument makes many people feel extremely confusing. By doing so, it is no different from pressing the other pregnant to stand up. The illustration. The illustration: Internet source. Now the sense of poor, I handed the armpit to bring like that without anyone who gave it to the ".Nghe saw the saying the saying, the woman gently explained that she was pregnant , I hope you can find other seats more appropriate. Related forgotten girls to forget on the train, the phone lit up a line that makes everyone the gecko to give 5 times the old picture, wild people Details: Leave it, don't understand the opponent still do not stop there that continues to complain suffering: "In the past I was pregnant, I had to plow hired hired, she now should be like that. Pregnancy must go a lot, so it is so strong, "Then two people began to argue
In the middle of the air is becoming more and more stressful, the husband of the pregnant woman just now still suddenly says a sentence that makes everyone a bit of praise: "Uncle, don't rely on Age is possible to unjustly scold other people like that. I see you say it until now I'm not tired, I'm sure your health is still good. If you feel uncomfortable when you can sit in this car, you can wait The trip later. "That said that pushed her anger to peak. She immediately scolded this man who was a lack of education. But her jobs and words from the beginning to the end were witnessed by passengers on the trip. So everyone agreed with the Word of the other man and even criticized, asking her to get into the car. Finally, she only went to "Salt" to the station right at the back station. * Source: NetEase News

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