Season Covid-19, Hair Care And Oil Skin How To Efficient?

Instead of carefree selection of hair care products according to feelings, we need to understand ourselves' status to be able to find suitable solutions and products aimed at treating 27: 00/2: 50 Southern Situation of diseases of complicated movements, Salon temporarily closed, a lot of people worriedly can't do nutrition and intensive recovery presentation. So to own beautiful hair and scalp Strong at home? Let's learn great tips from experts. Listen to your hair and scalp everyone owns a separate hair and scalp. Instead of carefree selection of hair care products according to feelings, we need to understand ourselves' status to find suitable solutions and products to treat finishes. Currently the day of the scalp, like the scalp pouring oil, itching or hair sticking, loss, and environmental factors you are encountering, you can somewhat decoding the cause and hair condition and scalp I am

. Applying the standard of hair care and scalp standards Steel 1: Cleaning for cleaning steps, first, you should choose appropriate shampoo, meeting each hair problem. In particular, there are usually two shamples: shampoo for scalp and hair shampoo. The scalp shampoo is for special treatment of problems such as sensitive scalp, oily scalp, scalp with dandruff or hair loss
Hair shampoo for hair needs: dry hair, ruffled hair, damaged hair, hair dye or hair bending ... depending on scalp and hair conditions, you can find specialized hair care brands Industry like Kérastase or L'Oreál Professionel to choose a specialized product line to improve hair. The shampoo needs to be meatly dissolved on the hand to wet hair to make the foam and use this foam section put into the scalp . In addition, you should not scratch the scalp, but only massage gently within 2-5 minutes and then discharge with water to avoid the scalp lesions as well as avoid excessive sebum stimulation, the hair and scalp quickly stick .Beep 2: Sort a step one, shampoo open the epidermis on the hair to clean deep inside so after use with a professional shampoo, you will feel the hand to rough it when you touch your hair. It is necessary because it plays a role in tingle in the inside of the hair, closed epidermis that helps soft hair smooth and stores the internal nutrition. Don't forget to rinse with clean water. Especially, you should use the mask or steaming oil once / week replacing the air conditioner to increase nutrients, help restore hair fibers
Previousness 3: Treat to those who are Having a scalp problem such as: dandruff, dry, itching, sensitive, oil surplus, hair loss or a need to increase hair density, anti-aging, so it uses dedicated serums and essences. Use regularly according to the manual and use only when the scalp is clean, it is best after shampooing.Step 4: Beauty and pre-protection Heat effects There are many choices for you in this step like cream, Drying cream, essential oil ... depending on the needs of scalp and hair to choose the most suitable product. The use of nursing products when moist hair also helps hair faster and protects hair before Thermal dynamic from hair dryer ./. phuong ha (beautiful / vietnam)

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