Sec Penalty Companies Of Chinese Billionaires Nearly 540 Million Usd

The US Trading and Securities Commission (SEC) provided a penalty of nearly 540 million USD for Chinese billionaire companies Guo Wengui because the violations in ICO and IPO.0: 00/2: 11 NAMSEC penalized companies of Chinese billionaires nearly 540 million USD. Photo: Reuters. The US Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange (SEC) accused 3 of the company of China's billionaire Guo Wengui to a ICO issuance and listed on the Stock Exchange (IPO). Accordingly, these events have helped these three companies earn about $ 487 million

.Sec submitted a stop and cancellation order on September 13, with documents that show that billionaires China Guo Wengui has agreed to pay an agreement with the agency within 14 days. China China Guo Wengui is also known as Miles Kwok or Miles Guo, a Chinese exile businessman, currently Living in New York. He is known for controversial political views and has a relationship with the lustful person of former President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon
The management of the Institute management reason is that the company of the billionaire Guo has conducted The offering of unregistered securities, with GTV Media Group, Saraca Media Group and Voice of Guo Media conducted IPO from April 1 to June 2020. Saraca and Voice of Guo are known for the name "G entities", also conducting an ICO during the same period. ICO has mobilized $ 34 million from investors looking forward to exposure to G-dollars - An electronic currency issued by the company and statement can be converted into gold or Fiat or used to buy goods on the online platform of G entities.sec noticed that G entities did not provide to the houses Investing in information about how to develop its purpose of its purpose and property. "G Entities has not yet developed or distributed digital assets sold in the ICO or a platform that allows people Using transactions with digital assets, "said Sec's announcement. The $ 34 million is obtained from ICO, IPOs have also brought about $ 453 million to the company of China billionaire with participation The family of 5,500 people. With the above allegations, companies have agreed to pay a total of 486.6 million USD, $ 17.6 million in interest in a civil penalty worth 35 million USD. According to Tran Vo / NhadAutu

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