The crazy woman suddenly came out from the tall grass, wet, her hair was shy. A long spinach has the purple flowers on the head. On the crazy she did not a piece of cloth covered the body, the grass leaves turned on as the tiny, shoulder and backs of the bloods in the bloods.0 of the year. I was extremely scared, my face was reopened, wanting to cry, but the throat choked, wanted to turn her head to run, but the feet bore together, her hands hard, to lose the grasshopper just grabbed on her body

. She laughed and laughed, the wild man, inhoring. Then as fast as cut, she died and lost sucking. Since then, even though I still wandened my husband, my grass but didn't see her more crazy anymore
What's crazy about, where is the house, there is still hiding in the coin again, the curiousness still haunts me until now, when I was far away from my hometown. But I know that, I won't be able to find the answer, because she was crazy that partially partially belonged to the immense coin ... 1. My house at the edge of the village, to the lane was to meet the green sedge field stretching to the river. My hometown, in addition to the two rice crops, there was another sedge case. By the season, the village woke up from midnight to cut sofa, bundle every bunch of hugs and high overhead, ranked on improved vehicles. Throughout the village road, under bananas and bamboo roots are paralyzed. Sedge after splitting is exposed
It took several dazzling sunshine days, freshly dry strands and turned white felt. Clothes of grass are like drying, keeping the whole day looking at the sky looking at the earth, because only a drop of rain also makes the grass to beo up, deep and broken. Yes. The stork has 5 storks. Mother storks at that time looking for food to raise small children. He thought that when he had hidden the nest between the green sedge, his mother would be safe. It knows where the co-heeled in the harvest season is cut, inert everything hidden in it. The people who wore grass to bring the enthusiast to throw away from bamboo dust. I saw the hungry trigger with a weak, and asked to raise. Taking the bamboo, lined with straw, I put the children into the new nest. Flooded the gluttonous, causing me from morning to the dark outside the water and the fish shripped to fertilizing them, on 3-4 meals, the mines remained constantly opened and asked to not stop. Flood farming, do not dare to tell the neighbors to the neighbors, fear that they broke, teasing the storks poor. The trigger gradually raised, growing young feathers, the day in the house in the nest waiting for me to go to fish to feed them. At that time, my innocent mind believed, the trigger grew up, will forever around me like the chickens in the garden. But one afternoon, the straw nest is empty, I cried all my tears. I don't know who took my loss of the trigger, or they left the nest, slipped into the fields and clams in the endless green space. It must be that, how many interesting things are waiting for them to discover, and know where they meet their mother. And I understand that they are not owned by my own, they belong to the world of the freedom of the world. The feeling of the wings are on it all over there, watching the rattan, watching the clouds The long mine down the fish flood hunting dress must be much more interesting than staying in the nest waiting for me to bring food back. From then on I didn't dare to bring any small animal out of the field about farming, because I was afraid of feeling they left me. Newly darkening but the small alley into my house was dark, perhaps because of the dense and high-shadow, pulling the darkness to the darker. "Why don't you see grace today," put the rice tray between the exit to the porch, my grandmother cuckled. Mrs. An was very old, the face was round and black, released alone in the small house in the neighborhood. After a large incident of the family, she was rabies, just went to the end of the village village, chattering meaningless sentences that made the children in the village afraid of cower. But she was very happy, not harming anyone, not hinging anyone ever, just misleading and talking all day. I often saw Mrs. wandering outside the coin, waiting for the dark to every house to ask for a rice barking. From the dark lane, Grandma appeared, the brown shirt frayed, the dark pants, black towel rim wrapped his hair, to the fabric was also black, still said to relate. My grandmother injured her very much, every night left a part of rice waiting for Mrs. Kien. Like it, so the old woman or my house is most. Instead of sitting down at the tray, she always sat on the house steps, turning away, took out the bowl and a spoon. A bowl of rice is full, a piece of fish and fish, crab bowl, Mrs. An will turn pouring into her chipped bowl, then eating and speaking. I got a cup of water to get alongside, she poured water into her bowl and then drank. After the meal, she put the bowl and a spoon, looking at my whole family with close eyes and quietly went out to the lane, mixed into the darkness of bringing 3. One o'clock in the morning, I turned up and went up, putting a few layers of coat, double carpentry on the bike,

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