Secret Shudder Of Electric Seats ‘dead’ To Execute Prisoners

On August 6, 1890, the first time in the history of electric seats was used to execute prisoners. This militant method made many people startled by the truths 'death'. The first person was executed with electric seats, William Kemmler. This is the notorious murderer in Buffalo city, USA. This prisoner's death case takes place in the morning of August 6, 1890

. In the number of witnesses present at the Prisoner of William Kemmler with Dentist Albert Southwick and George Fell. These two people were dubbed the "father" of the electric seat invention. To die prisoners, prison staff used a generator to reach 2,000 voltes into the chair
Accordingly, the large current transmits into the prisoner of William Kemmler in more than a minute. Those, those who witnessed the execution of fear, panicked when they saw the smoke picked up from the beginning of William Kemmler. They even smelled burnt flesh and bangs. When interrupting the current, the death row in prison William Kemmler died. The communication reported about the first prisoner of the electric seats caused many people to oppose this creepy. Although encountering an opposition of an opinion department, the US authorities did not cancel the law on the electric seats. From here, many people are curious about the two "father" of the electric seat invention. According to the notes, Alfred Southwick - the dentist living and working in New York accidentally witnessed a person who died from falling into a generator. After that incident, Dentist Southwick came up with the idea of death due to electric shock Perhaps the fastest and painless way to die. According to him, this humanitarian executive method can be used to replace the hanging form for years
George Fell also lives in New York and has ideas like Southwick dentist. Therefore, the two people performed a number of animal studies and experiments in 1882. The results of their research were published in a number of scientific journals. The research and test results of Southwick dentist And Dr. George Fell attracted the attention of authorities in New York. After many sessions and discussions, in 1886, the Legislature in the US decided to change his neck with an electrical escort to practice the death row in the first humanitarian method. So the electric seats are used to drive Prisoners are applied from January 1, 19889. After this execution method was put into use, some prisoners were electric shock twice died. Therefore, decades after the electric seats are used, US officials and countries apply the new death penalty form of poison. Hostes Watch videos: Hotgirl trafficking drugs are sentenced to death. Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (according to grunge)

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