Secret To Hide The Largest Tomb In The Valley Of The Kings

In excavations in the Valley of the kings, the archaeological unions discovered many Tombs of Egyptian Pharaoh and the royal members. Here, they discovered the largest tombs that contain large secrets. The Valley of the kings is the world famous archaeological site when an experts found the resting place of many Egyptian Pharaoh and cities The royal family. Then, experts have many important findings in the kings valley. Of these, they found the largest tomb to the present time

. This place is called KV5. James Burton's prestigious explorer (1788 - 1862) is the one who found a way to KV5 in 1825. At 1927, American scientist John Gardner (1905 - 1995) Complete the kv5 boundary drawing
In the next decades, many archaeological unions enter the KV5 tombs are terrible in the Valley of the kings. The results of the surveys show that the Tomb of KV5 Tomb of Family Tombs. This is a place to bury most sons of Pharaoh Ramesses II (1303 BC - 1213 BC). Many experts believe that Pharaoh Ramesses II has more than 100 children. Therefore, the giant Tomb of KV5 promises to have a lot of breakthrough discovery. According to experts, the entire KV5 tomb has at least 110 burial rooms. Experts speculate if the entire excavation, the number of burial rooms can be up to 150. From here, experts hope to find mummies, antiques that help decode mysterious life of Pharaoh Ramesses II. Therefore, in the past, scientists perform many archaeological projects in KV5 in the hope that they will gradually decode the mystery of the important historical phase of Egypt. The readers watch videos: Updates show more ancient treasures with over 100 coffins with 2
500-year mummy. Source: VTV24.Tam Anh (According to Historicalev)

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