Secretary Of Muong Union Branch Started From The Model Of Chicken Farming

In Village 1, Giao Thien Commune (Lang Chanh) Anh Luong Van Duong is not only known as a dynamic and enthusiastic union secretary, and a good young youth maker. Starting a business from two white hands, so far he owns a dream farm. Hanh Duong mobilized union members in the commune to join the youth campaign volunteer. After graduating from high school, Muong Luong ethnic group Van Duong did not choose a university path like a barrier, which took the job with the desire to "escape the village bamboo". After 3 years working for the company to produce foreign-invested telephone components In Hanoi, when there is a relatively stable salary, he decided that few people could doubt to go home to the country

. Struggling. Realizing that the main land of his homeland is the advantage for young people to establish a karma, so I decided to repatriate. "With the number of capital to accumulate, first he raised 300 hybrids
This is a very strong chicken breed, with a natural environment like at his farm, chickens grow very well. "This chicken is fast, this is short, delicious meat, very popular market ", Mr. Duong said. In order to have livestock knowledge, Mr. Duong learns about chicken breeding through Books, the Internet, visiting economic learning at chicken farms inside and outside the district. Thanks to the hardship, he has knowledgeable and experienced in livestock, so the chickens are less diseased, largely borrowed from bank capital to plan, expand the barns and raise chickens in a more professional direction. From the early days, there were many difficulties and difficulties and accumulated experiences, so far he has expanded breeding barriers on biological pads and installation of automatic trough systems with a scale of over 2,000 children. The model of raising hills and hills, according to his calculations, each year sells 3 litters, except for the cost of about VND 80-100 million per year. Besides the profit from raising chickens, he also planted about 6ha of acacia forest and 2 ha of threads, each year for income of about 50-60 million dong.Anh Luong Van Duong at the ceremony to celebrate the advanced youth The Word of the Province in 2020
With the responsibility is the Secretary of the British Youth Union has actively mobilized union members and youths, and he supports the livestock experience when necessary. Since then, many union members, young people boldly borrow money to invest in afforestation and animal husbandry to develop in the direction of high productivity goods. Thien and the superior group organized, contributing to fulfilling the contents and criteria. "I am with some union members and youth in the commune who are the idea of establishing cooperatives to build chicken brands Lang Chanh Hill. With this model not only creates more jobs, but also contributes to improving the lives of each union in the area, "said Mr. Duong to share. Anh Duong's Family Farm is one of the typical farm economic models of union members and young people in the district. He is one of the young children not only for local people to follow , but the model is also young people in many districts in the province to study ". Thuy Thuy

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