Secrets After The Exchange Of Commercial Exchange For Vnd 23 Billion

The couple of Moc Huong brothers were exchanged with a pink snow mutation, with a price of 1 million USD (about VND 23 billion). According to the main British, the owner of the carpentry, now the trees are being paid about VND 53 billion in: 00/3: South of the South Vietnam exchange service for VND 23 billion, not only causing sex fever The scenery but also makes many people "exalted" must be surrounded by the level of playing of the infillarious bonsai giants. Contact Truong Quoc Chinh (often called political), the owner of this deal Time is also known when owning a "crisis" spread garden in Ba Vi (Hanoi), he said: "I happen to know this couple of Huong Huong in a visit to the Lan Garden in Phu Tho. From the first time to see trees, I immediately wanted to own because they were not only beautiful, but also two rare rare carpentry trees ". The trading team takes place in April 2021, but until early July 2021 New completed when a pink peak snow was handed over Mr

. Dung.After that time, he was looking for many ways to put the problem with Mr. Bui Duc Dung (the old owner of the Moc Huong couple) but at that time, the trees were Many hunter giants with a price of about one million USD
The intention to buy his main tree is not approved by his bravely. After many years persisting to pursue, persuade, until April 15, the owner of the Moc Huong couple decided to share them for fellow countrymen (Phu Tho ) Have the same passion before the witness of the bonsai players in Viet Tri City. That Pink. As soon as I trading the transaction, Mr. Dung handed over the couple for him. The scene of the "Moc Huong Huynh Den" for 150 years old. A Pink Snow Snow mutation was exchanged in the same price. In April 2021, because Ky Lan Tuyet peak is still nursing, uncroeved pots so he himself cannot hand over. At the beginning of July 2021, the new deal was officially completed when a hand was handed over Mr. Dung
It was known that these two rustic trees were about 150 years old, grown since the French time and was considered As "Gia Bao" of his family Dung. In addition, "Moc Huong Huynh Den" also owns perfect appearance, beautiful from the body, leaves, re-knitting together, living together from the baby, together with a land with a special value. Of these two carpentry because they are the only, unique and strange carpentry. Make a symbolic meaning for intense vitality, insisting between the sky, there is no hardness of the aroma. Many oriental materials have mentioned this plant with high pharmacies such as a smell fragrant, commonly used drinking tea, has many effects to improve health; The parts of the tree worked to treat the disease. After more than 3 months of receipt of trees, he said that the couple of Loos is currently being paid about VND 50 billion but he has not agreed to sell. The new pink was handed over to Mr. Bui Duc Dung, which was a lounge, which was 1cm. In a mutant orchids there are two types of white and pink pinks, the pink snowy tree is the only rose in Son La, with characteristics, with snow hair so it is very rare. "If people know for it Changing products together, the value of humans and matter is raised, so in the future I will definitely create more trading screens like this to honor the value of what I love prefer." - Mr. Truong Quoc Chinh shared. According to Thanh Thuy / Danviet

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