Securities Companies Race For Foreign Credibility Loans

The stock market is about to receive a large source of lending when SSI has just completed withdrawal of $ 118 million to borrow mortgage from Taiwan (China) .0: 00/3: 14 male stock market is becoming the canal Attractive investment and attract large cash flow. This excitement forces many securities companies to continuously mobilize capital to expand their operating scale through many forms such as the issuance of additional shares, mobilizing bonds or recently is still a loan. SSI in July announced signing a loan contract with a limit of 100 million USD. This is a trading loan from Taiwan's leading banks, which is headed by Union Bank of Taiwan (Ubot) and Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank (Fubon)

. However, in fact, the stock company head The industry withdrawed a total of 118 million USD (over VND 2,700 billion) from the above group, surpassing the expected number. In which SSI was first withdrawn 60 million USD and the 2nd time with an additional $ 58 million on September 16, this is a trusted loan transaction from the largest foreign institutions that a Vietnamese securities company received. The previous record was a $ 85 million loan announced at the end of last year, also mobilized by SSI
This company said that new loans will be used to allocate to profitable business activities. High and low risk, increase competitiveness for securities and retail services, allocate to financial support services to customers with the most competitive cost and mass in the market, especially As an escrow lending activity. Securities companies are pushing mortgage loans to increase competitive advantage. Photo: Hoang HaHay as in May, Ho Chi Minh City Securities (HSC) also announced signing a loan contract for crucials worth 44 million USD (equivalent to over VND 1,000 billion) with a group of 7 financial institutions Taiwan, headed is First Commercial Bank (FCB). This loan will supplement the financial capacity, helping the company to expand investment and scale services. In March and 4, Vietinbank Securities also mobilized a total of 90 million USD (equivalent to over 2,000 billion Copper) from Taiwanese and Korean banks. Or as technical securities (TCBS) also borrowed VND 459 billion (about 20 million USD) from Taishin International Bank Co. LTD At the beginning of the year. Reality of foreign mortgage loans is quite difficult because only very few securities companies Top Vietnam can borrow with great value. The key issue is Vietnamese enterprises to probably prestige, the level of transparency as well as the ability to function effectively
According to an expert from SSI, the requirements for transparency of businesses are placed very High in mortgage loan deals. Foreign financial institutions are often based on past financial information, prospects of enterprises in the industry in particular and the economy in general. Besides enterprise financial assessment through asset quality , Prestige of businesses is also a very important factor. Foreign institutions when entering Vietnam always want to seek loan partners who are leading enterprises in the fields of economic industries with stability and development prospects. Capture capital costs are one The "survival" issues for domestic securities companies in general, when foreign securities companies are landing a lot on a huge advantage of being abundant cheap capital. Debt of deposit loans of securities companies is growing strongly, even hitting the maximum lending threshold, the information of SSI loans is 118 million USD with the aim of additional capital for business activities will help clearance Part of "thirsty margin" and is a new motivation to the race to add a gay part.

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