See Jisoo’s Profile Photo Set, Netizen Wishes ‘civic Identity’ Was Also Taken So

YG Stage's Instagram account recently launched Jisoo's Profile series (Blackpink) as an actor. Her natural beauty series made Netizen Viet wish that the picture 'citizen' photo was taken like this is great! Different to the role of Idol, Korean actors often give priority to natural hair, yes Can be dyed but also dark and not too outstanding. Jisoo in the profile photo series was introduced as a movie actor this time also putting natural hair, not dyed. Because of a profile photo, Jisoo's costumes are quite simple, no longer with brands Luxury, she wears a simple white shirt and jeans. Jisoo's sharpness in this series get a lot of compliments, although no longer the glittering spirit of "Miss", but she brings a sense of clear, Natural closeness, the right air of an actor

.YG Stage also registered Jisoo's account as an actor on Naver so that fans could follow. As soon as her series was released, Hashtag was related to

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