See Special Rolls-royce Supercars With Special Pink

Exterior Pink Friskee Pink and Blue Iced Turchese first appeared in the color palette of super-to-rolls-Royce cars. The Quail 2021 exhibition, Rolls-Royce introduced paint Bespoke Pink Friskee Pink and Blue Iced Turchese on Ghost and Cullinan Black Badge.hai model new paint fighting the return of Rolls-Royce at the Annual Exhibition The Quail is held in California, USA. The Foreign Foreign Friskee Pink is eye-catching so minimalist design " Post Opulent "of Rolls-Royce Ghost New Generation. The car's furniture is adorned by more detailed pink friskee pink as the only decoration line, Tapi door

... with high-grade white shieda leather material arctic white
Iced Turchese green color combines perfectly with the black glossy details of the Cullinan Black Badge, helping exterior become strong but equally exquisite. The car's furniture is the interconnection between the dark tones and the limbs Blue Turchese dozen like foot mats, decorative edges ... with carbon.Rolls-Royce Ghos carbon fiber .... T new generation is equipped with a 6
6L volume V12 engine, a capacity of 570 horsepower and 780 torque 4 best-selling MPV cars in August 2021: Mitsubishi Xpander only consumes 98 pcsRolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge uses a 6.75L volume V12 engine, a capacity of 571 horsepower and 850 nm torque. The number of Hyundai cars fell sharply in Vietnam in August / 2021 Rolls-Royce Personalize Bespoke Personalized Many more separate options are creative by the owner of the car. Mazda price of Mazda in September 2021: More new products of each particular Bespoke paint has not been revealed by Rolls-Royce. Nissan car price list in September 2021: Discount 40 million Dong Anh Minh Anh / Zing

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