See The Cars Of Lionel Messi Owning

Although, not the name of the passionate players and spent on supercars, Lionel Messi still owns many valuable models that make many people dream like Pagani Zonda Tricolore, Mercedes-AMG SLS, Maserati Granturismo Mc Stradale, ... 0:00 / 2: 32nam nammessi has just joined PSG. With net assets of more than 600 million USD, Messi is one of the richest players in the world

. So in his garage, Messi possesses a series of expensive supercars. The first car can be mentioned that Pagani Zonda This is one of the most expensive cars in the former Barcelona club's collection. Pagani's model costs up to 1
6 million USD, the Messi version owns a special version with a powerful engine, with a capacity of over 600 horsepower. This is a supercar that is not every player who dares to pay for ownership. Besides Pagani Zonda, Messi also owns a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG model. The model from the Mercedes-Benz brand has a starting price of over $ 268,000 and fluctuates up to over 518,000 USD. Although the car makes many people wish to own with a different appearance, but according to Learn Messi does not drive this car a lot. It is a super-terrible property in the demand, so Messi doesn't regret money To own the models with limited edition like Ferrari legendary 335 S Spider Scaglietti 1957. This is the most expensive car that Messi has in his collection, for $ 36 million. According to the information, this model is auctioned and the second higher payer after Messi is the superstar of Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo.Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti 1957 is manufactured with 4 unique and motor vehicles equipped with engine blocks V12 4.1 liters, for up to 400 horsepower and allow it to reach a maximum speed of 190 km / h
Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti 1957, Messi also showed a brand favorite from Italy when the Department Friendly Ferrari F430 Spyder, this is a model that is preferred and often used by Messi.Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale is one of the most used Messi cars, especially when he returns to Argentina. However in 2017, this model changed to black and sold in the old car dealer.Messi owned at least two SUVs of Range Rover including Range Rover SV Autobiography and Range Rover Sport SVR. He usually uses these cars to move in Barcelona. Value supercars, Messi also owns themselves from the Audi brand because during the competition with Barcelona club, Audi is a sponsor For this club.Theo Hoang Long / VnReview

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