See The Owner Is About To Be Bitten By A Poisonous Snake, Dogs Come To Save In A Heroic Meaning

A American young man recounted the moment of 'heart loss' when he was attacked by a bell attack and was saved by pet dog.0: 00/1: 56 namtheo daily star, alex loredo, 18 years old, carrying Laundry into the house in the city of San Diego, California, the United States heard the sound of the bell below a table. The 18-year-old "heart" when he saw a bell tail snake in a state ready to attack .Riffs, Marley, the dog like Labrador, has promptly rushed to the owner's rescue.Chare with NBC San Diego, Alex said: "Before I turned around to run away, Marley rushed out very quickly, pushed me Falled down, turning me into a shield for me and inspiring the toxic snake bites

. Marley hit the poisonous snake bitter, my heart looked down. My thoughts at that time was' I might lose His most intimate pet ".alex said, the bell's snake bites Marley twice," One plays into the tongue and a play into his neck
" After that, he crawled away. The 18-year-old man urged her pet to the hospital. "At that time, I was very panic. I don't know what will happen next. Actually, I think Marley will not be able to overcome floating," Alex shared. Since the incident happened, Alex posted one The article on the Gofundme page to call for a deposit to support Marley's treatment because he used all the savings to save his pet. Currently, the fundraum has been over 12,000 USD (more than 276 million VND). "Marley's face began to swell. It began to have complications about respiration. Blood also flows from Marley's mouth
I have Very scared and tried to keep calm because the time was very urgent. This is the most horrifying moment I've ever experienced, "Alex wrote on the Gofundme.alex site also said that local veterinarians have no serum Of the bell snake so this young man had to drive to veterinary hospitals in another area to save.Marley was kept at the 2-night institute. Doctors said Marley was hurt in the tongue and jaw. Currently, the status of this dog has stabilized but still needs treatment with regular medicine. According to Nguyen Thai / Danviet

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