See The Process Of Building The Highest Sand Castle In The World

A 21.16m castle castle recently built in Denmark, officially enrolling Guinness record is the highest sand work in the world.02: 00/0: 46 South "Court Court Cabbage 21 , 1m, and it was 3m higher than the Guinness record previously established in Germany in 2019, "said Wilfred Stijger sand sculpture told Euro News. The world's tallest sand castle. Photo: Reuterong Stijger said, more than 4

.8 tons of sand has been used to build works and about 486kg of clay is mixed with this sandy number to help structure the castle more and more. Outside the building is also covered with a thin layer of glue to keep it standing through the winter. According to Danish communications, the sand castle is built in Blokhus city, and this is part of the festival Sand carving is held annually here every summer
Video: Aptu Tran

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