See The Seamless Ferrari Sf90 Stradale Of The Philippines Giants

The car consisting of 3 Ferrari SF90 Stradale HHYBRID has reached the Philippines that all have different options, 2 cars are red but other stripes, and a gray bearing with the option of Assetto Fiorano.Long Super Hybrid Ferrari SF90 Stradale Not only popular Vietnamese giants that many players in Southeast Asia are also very gaze. Evidence is that there are 3 Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercars to the Philippines according to the orders of this wealthy house. The 3 supercar Hybrid Ferrari SF90 Stradale rolling in the Philippines has different options, two The same car is in the same red but a very special stripe choice, in addition is a gray Ferrari SF90 stradale with the option of Assetto Fiorano. Ferrari SF90 Stradale price in the Philippines is not revealed but will definitely not under children No

. 22 billion. In Vietnam, genuine Ferrari SF90 Stradale car price starts from the figure of 34.5 billion VND that has not included options
3 Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar together in the Philippines has 2 owners of stamps In the package of Assetto Fiorano very personality. The remaining Ferrari SF90 Stradale is decorated with black stripes and black stripes running between the car's cap to create a highlight. The Red Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar with additional carbon racing options, is also in the premium package Assetto Fiorano. Hybrid plug-in drive system of Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar combines V8 gasoline engine, turbocharger, 4.0L capacity and 3 electric motors brought to a total capacity of up to 986 horsepower.So with Ferrari Laferrari capital Using Mild Hybrid transmission system, SF90 Stradale is stronger than 37 horsepower. Also, compared to supercars and brands selling in the market like Ferrari F8, this supercar has a higher power of 275 horsepower. This shows that SF90 Stradale is the existing Ferrari king. The power above allows the Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar to accelerate from the starting position to 100 km / h in a period of 2.5 seconds, crossing With Bugatti Chiron but the price is only 1 / 2
Ferrari SF90 Stradale's accelerator spent many other V8 supercars in the market. Vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 340 km / h / Video: Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar details.

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