See The Taliban Break Into The Top General Of Afghanistan

The Taliban gunmen infiltrated the widespread house of General Rashid Dostum, a leading warlord of Afghanistan and was an important allied of America.0: 00/1: 55 Southern Taliban gunmen. Photo: Reuters. On August 14, a video appeared on the network showed that the Taliban gunmen dominated the luxury house of former Vice President Afghanistan, Mr. Dostum

. The house was decorated with splendidly have been Taliban gunman raid and occupied. The news said that the general has escaped and is currently in "a safe place". Housing of General Rashid Dostum is located in Mazar-e-Sharif, the fourth largest city of Afghanistan has been occupied by the Taliban on 14 / 8
According to the unveries of the Taliban gunmen, they are fighting with the Government forces in the suburb of Kabul.taliban in the outskirts of Capital. 3 Afghan territory, and is approaching the capital, the US intelligence predicts the capital Kabul may soon be falling soon. The developments open when the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is committed to preventing "any further uncertainty" His country before the Taliban's ongoing attack. "As the president, my top concern is to prevent violence and relocation of Ng The people, "he said in the national speech on August 14, emphasizing that in the current situation, the relocation of Afghanistan security and defense forces is still the top government priority. . He also said that the government has started "broad consultation (about Afghan's situation) at home and abroad" and the results "will soon be shared with the public". Afghan President expressed hope that the community International will "support" Kabul's efforts to prevent violence. In the past few weeks, violence has increased in Afghanistan, where the Taliban enhances military activities in the context of US military and NATO constantly Withdraw from the country. The terrorist group controls about 24 of Afghan's 34 provinces, with the latest reports that the warriors have captured Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan
AP news agency reported that Taliban currently holds all border gates of Afghanistan when the terrorist team attacks the capital of Kabul.Thanh Huyen

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