See The Village Of Yen Binh Boat House In Japan

More than 200 ancient boat houses in the peaceful fishing village Japan attracted many travelers who wanted to enjoy the quiet vacation between ancient and peaceful nature. The small fishing village was dubbed the Japanese Venice Ine Bay (Kyoto, Japan). Hundreds of ancient boat houses with a particularly floating architecture on the water will take visitors to the unforgettable experience when lost the majestic nature. Photo: The Travel is located in the town of Ine, Funaya fishing village has become a part of historical and cultural thickness, an important conservation place in traditional building groups in Japan. The Funaya (floating boat house) exists today

. Many business households have restructured into motels and hotels for guests to visit. Photo: Kyototourism. Funaya Funaya (full name is Ine no Funaya) is the perfect coordinates for short trips of visitors who want to find a quiet place, immersed into Japan's poetry
At night, you can easily watch the ancient architecture of the boat house reflected on the water when hearing the birds singing the middle of the forest. Photo: Takashi Nishikawa. Guests will visit the Ine Bay by boat with a guide or self-cycle to explore local life. This remote place for tourists to experience closer to the lives of people practicing fishing, discovering Japanese culture. Photo: GLTJP. You are easy to go to Funaya village by self-driving or bus in Japan. Small pearls between remote oasis in the center of Bay Ine help every visitors visit and relax. Around the village, there are enough fun activities such as Funaya No Sato Park, restaurants for shopping tourists only about a 5-minute walk away. Photo: Japan Visitor. After enjoying the bustle of Kyoto city center, this short trip to the village offers a lovely experience for couples and small families
Although ancient, there is enough facilities for the residence of visitors who like the sophistication and rustic of Japanese culture. Photo: ForeverVanNy. In this peaceful village, your menu indispensable nutritious dishes with Sashimi, sushi ... making Japanese cuisine characteristics. Enjoy every Peaceful moment here when hiding the life of life. Photo: ForeverVanNy.The Manh Hoa / Zing

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