Seeing A Screaming Sound In The Toilet, The Teacher Entered And Discovered A Lifetime Scene

Just because of lack of sex education knowledge, this female student has had to be pregnant and gave birth in the toilet.0: 00/2: 58 South schools attending school, parents often prohibit school for fear of fear Pregnancy implications, quitting learning ... may happen

. But when I go to college, students live more freely, so they also have exempt behaviors of themselves. Instead of scolding the children, parents should teach children the gender education knowledge early so that the child does not suffer in love. Harbin City (China)
A female student was pregnant, but she deliberately hidden his family then into the toilet to spawn. It wasn't until this girl couldn't stand it, turning on a call to save, the whole family and the school were stunned to find the incident. The female student prepares to give birth, still nobody or know this girl is pregnant. When the incident, the girl ran into the toilet in the school, locked the door and daredion without telling anyone. After she didn't stand it, the girl gave a screaming Rescue attracting the attention of nearby students. Because of fear of the accident, these students also quickly went to call the teacher. When the teacher came, this person continuously reassured the female student, looking forward to her to the toilet soon. The scene was then extremely obsessed when the toilet was bloody, while the girl gave birth to a red baby lies underground, still has not cut the umbilical cord. The statue of the navel when opening the door makes everyone afraid to be afraid The baby lay in the toilet caused everyone to be angry, while loving his mother when he found out the incident, this teacher did not expect his schoolgirl to become pregnant. He quickly asked to make a call to the emergency hospital, and helped the female student removed the umbilical cord for the baby
This is not the only case of girls to give birth to their children or schools . This can be explained that they are pregnant in winter, everyone wears a lot of clothes so it is difficult to recognize unusual things. If the female student has a fat, one only thinks that the girl is gaining weight but only. Many girls are not detected to pregnant because of a wide costume with the development of the era and more and more open and Having sex before marriage has also become popular. However, there are many girls who have the right thought about love and do not know how to protect themselves. When they know the pregnant women who go to school, everyone will share psychology worrying for women . Because many of these girls will often choose to give birth and give up on school. Not to mention, if you don't have a kind man, women are easy to have a bad future. raise your children? Couldn't give me a child to take care of your parents? So the girls must consider respecting themselves, alert when love. It is very difficult to ban the love of his school age, but at least women should understand love, preparing gender education knowledge to protect themselves. Therefore, you are not afraid to let the future go unfortunately if you have a child when going to school.: Sohu

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