Seeing Cats Hooded ‘strange Objects’ In The Mouth, The Owner Panicked, She Must Look At The Eye Carefully

Although it has dialed the video as evidence, the landlord still couldn't believe in what he saw.0 of the year. Mouse afraid of cats so that the family only needs to broadcast the cat speakers as a mouse that has had to run away. However, in recent years, cats in families are often dedicated by the owner, Becoming less movement and also lazy caught more mouse, even many cats were still rat .

.. Bullied again. On the Weibo social network, a guy living in rural China shared the moment of improvement Of the cat that he raised
He said that his house sold groceries, often herself, snakes and insects to find a cat to help the family to watch the warehouse. Holding the house to bring home a surprise. Photo: Sohmen here, when I went to pick up the goods, the boy happened to see his pet cat herself sucking in a huge "object". Going approaching, he panicked and realized this was a huge size mouse, the whole body was so big. The rat was so big that the boy had to rub his eyes several times to look closely to see if he was wrong. It seems that the British cat has lost a lot of effort to catch the mouse and this time it has set up a great public. The cat has caught the fat mouse. Photo: Sohub under this video, many Weibo network users have been amazing with the size of the mouse, there are also a lot of praise for the "superstar" cat, many comparing lazy cats My house with "people's cats". Holding a booty of "showing" owner. Photo: Sohutheo Veterinarians, why many cats today do not catch mice not necessarily because they are lazy
Before the other, cats often caught meat to supplement Taurine - a kind of amino acid in meat, Help cat eyes clearly look in the dark. Now, the diet of house cats often have enough fish meat, industrial foods also supplement Taurine so the cats don't "crave" make the old mouse as before.

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