Seeing Classmates With No Breakfast Money, 11-year-old Boy Sneaks For You Money Throughout The Year

A 11-year-old boy, studying elementary school in Singapore, quietly brought his mother's money to give a classmate he saw that he often had no money to eat at school. This lasts for the whole year and his mother has just detected 9: 00/2: 28 male elementary school students often not be made by their parents for a lot of money, so there is little pocket money that is very precious, will be used to Buy the best things you like. But a boy in Singapore is not like that. Because he brought his pocket money to a classmate all this year. And if there was no praise of the teacher, his mother didn't discover the story of hiding him

. The story began when Nurul Aini saw her son's teacher - Shan boy - praised that Shan real " kind". Nurul asks Shan what the boy has done to be complimented by her, forever shy Shan shyly revealed that he specializes in a classmate "borrowing" money. Shan
Photo: Instagram.shan explained that he noticed that the classmate every hour played, she did not buy drinks like other friends, or sometimes only buy drinks, nothing to eat. Shan asks you to know that he doesn't have money, or sometimes she gets a little money, just buy a cup of drinks. Give you your pocket money, enough for you to buy breakfast and drinks.Shan sees a classmate because she usually doesn't have money to buy breakfast food like others. Artwork: Shutterstock. Nurul asks immediately, if you haven't had money, how do you return the "debt" to Shan. Shan was even more embarrassed because she was afraid of her mother scolding, and finally confessed that the other friend hadn't paid off the money. But he also thanked that, sometimes the friend had a little money, he would pay for him 20 cents.Shan said, he saw a person who was sorry and "not any heart" demanding the money he had "lent"
.Nurul told me that, if so, it would not be necessary to claim "debt", but Shan explained, because the teacher knew this so it would sometimes ask the friend to pay for Shan. Therefore, sometimes Shan must receive your 20 cents and tell her that you are still paying yourself. Photo: Instagram. Of course, Shan was not scolded by her mother as a fear. His mother only said that she should not hide her such things. Nurul wrote to social networks: "My son reminded me that, be generous and kind to everyone without having to" announce "things That for the whole world. He was "teaching" I about life more than I taught it. "There are many netizens in Singapore praise Shan with comments like:" This world needs more souls like Shan "." They We can learn a lot from children. "This also proves that the mother has raised her very well."

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