Seeing Father Stuck, The Youngest Daughter Sneaks 10k Clamps On The Wallet With Lovely Love

The money only covers 10 thousand but is a precious student of the father in the story of the story.0: 00/2: 29 nam southern new here, the article shared in a group group is quite short but immediately Get about tens of thousands of love and hundred shares and comments. Not a splash story nor the plugged plug, the content is simply a small celebration of a family but has reached the heart of tens of thousands of netizens. "I want to share a sentence It is a long time that's a long time and I hope it can bring positive things to everyone. There is a time when your family has difficulty because the work of your father is malfunctioning

. At that time saw three days trying to work and watching it very well. I have 2 sisters, my youngest sister (named Susu Nhen Everyone), At that time, he was in grade 1. At that time, she was going to school as her mother to eat from A-Z so she didn't have to go to school, without knowing how to get a new 10k
The sneaky she wrote the paper immediately in the wallet of Asia's father, and I didn't tell anyone. Whoever she saw him over three to tell him. Oh my god then she was afraid that she cried too much. Until now, I still hold the sheet and the money in my wallet to make memories. Three says this 10k is more precious than billions anymore ". Castard with the article is a picture of a 10 thousand sheet with a small piece of paper with the inscription. A action seemed to be naive, the simple elementary girl but was incredible. The warmth comes from the love of a daughter for dad, from invisible but sacred rires that mounts family members. (Photo: Thao My) a lot of comments just below the presentation Show touching. Besides, some netizens still shared their memories and relatives are equally warm
"The day he cried was this wave of epidemic in the poor, and after the afternoon he gave him 18k After you're going to say 'Miss, I go to pick up the bottle for her money, you're at home with me' but this year to class 3. " 2K coin imports pocket pants for me, do you sell about how much it is to give my cheeks all. So each time I saw my father and son sneaking and sneaking my cheeks, I knew anything to hide me. Recently, it was only ten years ago. You remember me I'm too much. "" My grandfather almost never took money, the money he gave me all asia. So each time he went to buy bran, he would tell her to give money, he saw that, he took 5k to give him to say: "I let him let him go to buy bran not ask her anymore." Can buy it all but memories and concessions are invaluable things that anyone who makes every mother alone never exchange.Cersei (synthesis)

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