Seeing Female Workers Of Garbage In Front Of The House, The Young Girl Rushed To Curse, Insulting It Badly

The chatted girl cursed by, insulting the older labor force 'you disappeared' causing people to be annoyed. The recording of Xuan Mai, Hanoi is being shared by the lover's sharing 'cruel' on the forums . The behavior of a young girl makes netizens extremely indignant. At the beginning of the clip, the older female workers are playing the work of collecting garbage in front of a household. Unexpectedly from the house, the young girl went out to hold on the stick pointed to the lakewoman who cursed loudly: "You turn *** you go, listen yet" offensive, older woman stool Ceiling something

. However, the girl constantly cursed female work with obscene words. In response to this chinese attitude, women workers only silently continue their work. Unknown what causes the side of the chromoslas but the election and attitude of the young girl with an older woman receiving intense criticism
Many opposing commentators said that the girl had to study the glass ceremony above gave it to this chinite attitude. "Although the incident, the girl behaved in an unacceptable way, female labor Public Age of your parents I mean by obscene "." Pitifully for the child to witness this incident. Don't understand what the girl thinks to obscene the person who is worth his father and mother "." Her labor The rings are too fast! Being curseed by the badly, the garbage is too lovingly. The job has struggled to meet such cases. "" The girl should learn the education of citizens. With such an unacceptable elderly, some of the people's comments.

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