Seeing His Girlfriend Trembling In The First Time To Meet, His Uncle Act Made Her Laugh To Laugh

Meeting the boyfriend's parents in the parking tunnel is the first time so the girl is extremely worried, to the level of her limbs trembling, but his uncle's actions made her laugh : 00/2: 17 Nam in the first time I met my parents, surely everyone will worry, trembling, especially girls. Recently, the Chinese social network is spreading the video about the first meeting of a girl with his parents.00: 00/00: 52 according to the past 9 September, a boy in Qin Hoang Dao, Hebei Province took his girlfriend to his own house played, but happened to meet their parents right under a car tunnel. Seeing your boyfriend's parents, the girl hurriedly walked off to greet it to ask. The girl hurriedly went to the car to ask when she saw her boyfriend's parents in the parking tunnel

. However, due to the first time to meet in such circumstances This should be worried that the limbs are trembling, do not know how to say it to allow. Witnessing the expression of the girlfriend, the boy smiled as a season. However, the action of his mother's mother really makes people surprised
Girls trembling when I happen to meet your boyfriend's parents in the parking tunnel. She is beautiful. After that, she was also friendly to hug her into his lap, encouraging 5kg to gain 5kg anymore. Maybe the son and girlfriend lived together so after the "future daughter-in-law" on the car, this girl also carefully detected Add: "My grandchildren, doing the house leave your son to do it, don't touch your hand." "She doesn't live with me here," The boy quickly countered to her mother, in the words that were somewhat sulking because she had just met with his girlfriend's faction. Girls hugging her son's girlfriend After finishing, my uncle told him: "If you don't live with your house to clean your son. Well, I advise it to quit your household to ". When the" future daughter-in-law "nodded in agreed to accept the mission, his uncle immediately left with a happy attitude. It can be seen that this girl is very pleased to the girl's girlfriend who chose. Mother of the guy to tell the girl before leaving
Video after being posted on the social network quickly spread and spread and spread and spread Attract the attention of public opinion. The majority of everyone complimented his uncle-minded thinking, nearly close and friendly, while others thought that this girl was so lucky to meet such a "future mother-in-law". "Really girl friendly and open. This girl after making your strawberry will definitely be happy and get along, "" There is a mother-in-law like this. Don't know if he is another son, do you have a daughter-in-law? "," Cute girl too. The other guy was right, nothing had been lated, giving it to the edge, but ".

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