Seeing His Wife Back, Her Husband Pointed At The Sweet Hotpot “my Part, Finished Eating A Bowl ‘, Her Response Made His Worship

The wife went to work late, saw his husband and his friend seemed to have finished eating. Her husband only pointed to the bowl of bowls across the bowl with the hotpot to say: 'My part, finished eating a bowl,'.0: 00/5: 01 Southern South does not think that marriage is broken, it is usually caused by the enemy. Extremely big mistakes, for example, an adultery, gambling debt .

.. also heartless, do anyone divorced only for small reasons? Even if there is a wife to blame the heartless husband, Thien Ha will click on the blade: Oh, men, who want to say, but don't expect them to understand. But, in fact husband Incidence will make the wife feeling not appreciated, marriage such as a tank
Unknown husband made his wife who wanted to leave, trying to be tired here, the story of such a husband and wife attracted everyone's attention. According to her words, two lovers are 3 years, married for 3 years. Thinking was quite understanding against the opponent, but when she returned to life she was disillusioned. He was too heartless, superficially with his family. Even the husband also ignored his wife, not once putting herself in her position to sympathize, understand. "Husband is heartless, I go to tell that everyone tells the man who is not. Requires people. While she also understands more than anyone ..
going to work 10 hours, income horizontal husbands but goes to her house to do all the house. My rice cooks, kids, kids, clothes I washed ... my husband just enjoyed, that was not looking for all husband and wife. Rice is slightly dry, he also grumbled. The screenshot gourd, I was threatened so my husband was first to work . But I kept that I am so big and hard to keep my pregnancy. He said so much that I decided to take a car to go to work. When I was about to give birth, I cooked for me to get a porridge forever. But Types are self-cooking for you to eat. As a result, rice and rice at home I eat never to think for your wife, just eat it. When I went to work and touch it, only ... ' '. Saying it, it was possible to computers, but just gathered for a long time, everyone was very sad. When I was born, I was born Cluster of the package. Grandma welcomed me, grandmother was eager to worry about her daughter. Husband forever, Bao at night, so sleepy. But after that I knew that time, the British Company was all playing, he woke up to play the game, but it must work ... after having a child, the more tired everyone. Almost still I'm worried. Everyone asked why she had to embrace people. But the house is bumper, I cried, my husband still ignored. And I can I sit still? ". The image of the wife said that the marriage life 3 years ago, more sadness, more and more are happiness. The stranger worth everything and the husband is indifferent, indifferent mind. Lazy, the job has been, the holidays of the anniversary of you, I am not a wish. When my wife, you will be against the transfer for 500-1 million and say: "Reality for your wife fun. But buying a gift I don't scream it. "" If you know yourself the anniversary, I will give it differently, this is that I remind you. Or once wasted money, but I hope you give me a bouquet like another wife. We are married for 3 years, why is it like this so decades? ", The wife was sadly written. Hotpot to the part and the question turned the husband to spread a day of the 7th day, the wife still had to Go to work in the morning. My husband at home calls friends to eat home to eat home. They make a hot pot and aim and beer alcohol ... the middle of noon, the sky is sunny, the sister who went to the house was hot Sisters. I think her husband doesn't have a house because of texting, calling the morning doesn't see him answer. But just opening the door, she has a little stunned with the scene in the house. However, making her hottest healing her husband Instead pointing to the hotpot pot was run out of water, there was also the rich of vegetables, potatoes, meat ... and sweet and said again: "Oh my wife is about. I came to eat, you're my part. Eat finished washing the bowl. Their brothers and brothers finished ". You are a little ivory, they invite my wife and then go to the sofa. The meat pot is also salty and the whole residue, what is it eaten. Even looking at me, I feel like a pig bran pot. Then the husband again fake sweet told me to be the part. Is it a bloody boiling? I'm very good, but at that time was afraid of her husband. I just lightly mixed with everyone. After that, I turned to ask my husband: 'Thank you for your part of the hot pot. Unfortunately I eat again. You leave that dark to get off the fee. Now I have a job through the outside, he stayed off for the wine province and then cleaned up. He was drunk, to save tomorrow's morning, even if I was confused by me. He looked at the hotpot and then looked at me, he understood that she never dawn without notice. Perhaps understanding me, I dare to say anything. I turned to greet your friends and went straight. At home looking at the hotpot, the more annoyed ". Honey, the meal, the wife decided to learn how to ignore everything. She firmly didn't clean the battlefield beach. The wife expressed the view that Whoever works with the same responsibility, husband and wife, cannot be the same.

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