Seeing His Wife Has Many Strange Expression, Or Laughing Alone, Husband And Fart Love Investigating And Shocked And Ashamed By The Result

Seeing her husband seemed jealous, but it was able to "discharged 'all the frustrations in his heart. Until he scratched his ears, she revealed the truth series.0: 00/3: 59 South Southern Many women entered the new marriage to the marriage to "know that he could not marry". But there are 1 kind of marriage morphology that is very difficult to describe, not dark to the point of 1 black, nor happy to the whole pinkness that it aches in a color ignore, so that, let go, it's not, stay also Not done. The story of Nhung is a typical example

. Her couple married also five years. She was his first love so everything seemed too new, sweet and interesting until the wedding day. "My husband and wife are quite harmony, there is a conflict that is only related to her father
Mother of her husband, a small chromatise. Until we are alone, everything is more fine. I can finish watching the TV wash the dishes or going out to 11h at night. On the other hand, my husband takes you Drinking, watching football to 2, 3h morning I did not grumble. But it was too free to create bad habits. My husband becomes let go and heartless with your family ". Not too big but the small ones contribute to a big one. You can seem nervously with my wife and 5 minutes later thanks to the other, the other. Being in the meal, when but the story of the agency, the story, hearing the sentences he turned to watch the phone, just nodding and laughing and laughing, so he felt unjustly. After finishing, Nhung wanted to hug him to sleep or play and play the game, he left the living room to watch the television or lie on the telephone
Hay the velvet changes the gentle style, a little ordinance you also commented: "Yes Must everyone wears a bakery, who must be a slender, beautiful white wearing a nice new ".But well understand, he is still a good husband, is responsible for his family, not because of small things But she was tempted. "Naturally I saw him leaving the ball, at home to work as a session. Then I suddenly sat in her husband, very strange, confusing gestures. Or ask myself such as a verology that makes me extremely annoyed. It is not enough to withstand the attitude of her husband's attitude. But the angry person is her husband, turned out he was G knew jealousy, knew noteworthy his wife, "velvet said. Her incredible husband suddenly protested fiercely:" I'm good, I'm having someone else? Although he had not found any evidence, he knew what they did behind him behind him. Honestly go together and solve ".nhung panicked and asked what kind of dedicated husband was, he bluntly replied," When I look at the phone laugh, only texting with boys. Sometimes the face every time, it was always fresh but asked again, and then eating rice to look at the other. What does it mean? Oh the day before he even saw me talking to the phone outside the balcony with someone who finished and she sat and cry, saw him rushing to sleep. I explained. "The husband seems to be jealous, but it is possible to" discharge "all the frustrations in his heart. Until he scratched her ears to reveal the series of truths." The old phone was fixed Reverice our messages on the previous day for sadness. You or smiled, there was no reason because every time I saw what reminded memories, I remembered our love to love each other. Today I talked on the phone outside the balcony to hear the mind telling the story of his husband and she quarreled. I think of me, my heart cries. The only thing that makes me happy is to recall the good memories in the past, to forget the difference between the old and he of now. Do you find your own joy when not shared, don't listen, is it wrong? ", Nhung said 1 of her makes her husband dumbfounded. I hold on the old phone, in which she kept a lot Messages, photos of 2 people who love each other. Just yesterday, he went to drink and didn't call his wife, and he asked him to reign: "Don't eat rice, not wait." He's 6 years ago: "You drink 1 cup for them happy. 8h barred to you to have a reason to ask for ahead. Going out with the brother loves more fun, drinking many people. She is too. Certainly this is a big lesson for you to care about, take care of your wife more. Men can't just accept without letting go, to lose and try to go.

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