Seeing Me, The Sister-in-law Calls Her Husband To Talk But Deliberately Let Me Hear, The More I Hear I Hurt Must Hurry

At the end of the month, I fell into a shortage, asked to borrow money to manage life to manage life: 00/2: 09Names Namsau when married, my life was not happy. My husband is workers, a monthly salary of foam, calculating him, so every month, the month of 2 million. The remaining part, he took me 4 million, retaining 2 million to spend. My salary is only over 4 million, calculating both spouses only 8 million. But we live with her parents, have to worry about drinking, electricity and electricity, living in the house

. Many times I also said my husband less than my parents or came to the internal - Foreign time, so he was angry. He scolded me without knowing what he was reporting his parents, who was born him so I was not entitled to opinion. So I from the stone cracked for me to be a wife? Not yet children, with that money, I managed to be enough
But now my child is not one year old, how much money is incurred. I was unemployed because it was previously rested for pregnancy. Now waiting for a child, I went to work again. So I crashed. Every month, you have to borrow money to spend. Over, I went to my brother's house to ask for money. Just seeing me, the sister strawberry frowned. I probably understand what I came to do. Then she pulled my brother into the room but didn't close the door. I stood outside, eavesdropping the conversation of two people
I stood outside, eavesdropping the conversation of two people. (Artwork) My bride sister: "You're going to give me money again?" My sister went on: "But she spent married. If her husband doesn't worry about his wife and wife's life is just a useless man. And you are unemployed, do you think if you don't Having the salary I handcuffed it, do you have money to use it to bring someone else? "I stood outside, listening to her grumpy sister. A few months ago, the month he also gave me 3-4 million. For two months, it is still like that. I didn't expect him to be unemployed. I went back and didn't take me again. Go home, see her husband, I am extremely hatred. A man who doesn't worry about his wife and children is only useless! I got the mistake. How to make my husband change, care about, share the economic burden with me here? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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