Seeing The 11-year-old Girl Abnormally Abnormally, His Father Bounds To Unconsciousness And Shocked When He Broken

Immediately after the story appeared on MXH, I immediately received the interest of the network community. A lot of ideas to blame his father for hot actions, refused to understand the source of the same issue of oversold children's educational style.0: 00/2: 09nam south, on the Chinese social network, The story of the 11-year-old girl with abnormalities in the abdomen has received a lot of people's interest. The age of an extraordinary is unusual, so an urinch doubts daughter .

.. pregnant.Anh angered an angry turf, immediately tied up the rope and tied up the rope again The level of unconscious daughter, Elementary hurriedly takes me to the test hospital
After that, the doctor said that she didn't have a serious problem. The illustration of that couple, the girl was also taken to work and tests and the tests were exposed. It turns out, in her stomach with a big tumor, so it has to lead to abnormal abdomen, not as pregnant as the eldest father thinks. This doctor scolded a battle because it was clearly the belly The daughter has a tumor without rebuilding like that, it is not good to be a good father. After knowing the truth, the Xiaostens have an error with extremely and extremely regretful to the action of the action me. After the incident, the daughter was forgiven to him but now she doesn't want to talk to his father, at home, it's not sad at the Father. The Turdy Brother is also very beautiful by the wrong action, ignorance Know yours. Currently, I don't know how to improve the relationship with your daughter after the above incident. The province with parents in the way of educating children after the story appears on MXH Get a lot of interest of the online community. A lot of opinions told him to blame the elegation because of the hot act, refused to understand the source of the same problem
This story is also a reminder for parents Children are at puberty. At this time, children have many changes in mind, physiology, so parents have both educated their children in a subtle way to make friends to listen to children confide and troubleshoot their children This sensitive age. Besides, parents also learn to curb ourselves to avoid missing or violent actions, making their children hurt mentally, thereby creating love cracks Feeling family, as well as wounds for children.

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