Seeing The Bizarre Creature Appears On The Seaside, The Man Jumping Into The Water Checks And Doesn’t Get Surprised With The Image Taken

After all the bizarre creature, what are the bizarre shapes? 0: 00/1: 27 Northern Sina Sina (China) recently reported that, at a foreign coast appeared a strange creature attracted The attention of many people is there. Specifically, while walking by the beach, the people here suddenly heard a big shout rang: "Heaven, what is this?" This bar immediately attracted the curiosity of the crowd here and caused people to quickly gather again, in the sea then there was a red giant creature. Because no one knows that it is any animal, so it doesn't dare to look closely. With the reactions of the people there, the above creature seems casually and doesn't show a fear when being crowded So surrounding so, even sometimes even on the water. When it, on the shore, there was a man who loved and adventurous, exploring

. So he decided to directly into the water to check if it was finally species. The source: Sina source. It was at a safe distance
However, his photos made many people shaken. By the way, the other creature turned out was a squid with a huge size. Normally, large squid This usually lives deep in the sea, so everyone is curious to don't know why the ink can float to the water like that. According to experts, every tentacle of this squid contains the mouths, so To ensure safety for yourself, people should not approach or directly touch it. According to Tran Khanh Linh / Law

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