Seeing The Child Scratched His Face, I Was Angry To Find The Maid, To Panic When She Saw The Scene In The Bed

I have to go to work all day, but the maid every 4-year-old child is not done. Seeing the wound on the face of a bloody pontoon that I hot face.0: 00/2: Southern men We have to work all day, can't take care of your child. The grandparents were busy watching anyone who could show him. I have only 4 years old, I don't want to bring home to my grandmother in charge, because far away, I remember and love you

. After many days of considering finance, I decided to spend a deposit to hire maids . Thanks to the introduction of relatives in the countryside, we found a girl named, 21 years old, very difficult family.Hoa worked very hard, agile and cleverly taking care of the baby very yen center
From the day someone does, I have time to pay more about myself. Emotional couple also less cold cold. A week ago, go to work, see my face scratched, I sorry my baby and asked why? I'm afraid to hug me tightly without daring to say anything. I loudly called flowers but she didn't respond, I hot face to find the rooms. To panic when she saw her lying in bed, red blood on her knees seeped into the shirt that flowers used to roll. But flowers asked me not to chase home, she would try to complete the mission. (Artwork) I asked what happened? Flowers tell me my self-opening, running out. When I was fell on my face, crying up, the flower discovered. During the panic, she rushed to the road to bring my child into the house, unfortunately stumbling his feet. I was scolded by my couple and did not dare to call for help, try to suffer from a few hours and wounds Swollen
I burst into tears for flowers, just because of my child's hyperactivity but now she has suffered pain, never gone. Fortunately, soon after my husband and her husband and bring flowers to the hospital of powdered powder.Hoa broke his leg, wouldn't be able to do any more, I was going to rent a car to take her back to her hometown. But the flowers asked me not to chase back to my hometown, she would try to accomplish the mission. She told her poor house, I was sick of bed, my mother went to work without a few dong, now that I didn't have money to continue to heal my feet. I agree to stay in the flower, because anyway she's As the benefactor of my family. But I'm afraid she at home I have to look like a baby, can't nourish, the wound will stay long. With the cost of medical examination and treatment, if the flower remains, my family will have to pay money. According to everyone I have to do? According to N.Dung / Fatherland newspaper

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