Seeing The External ‘strange’ Face, But Through The Camera With Only Black Shadows, The Clip Scored Caused The Cold

Seeing the black ball passing through the wall and moving to the front door door, stood tilted for a while, many people guessed the old guess what was it 9: 00/1: 13 nam 00: 00/00: 28 Newly, social networks appear a clip recorded a moving black shadow that caused public opinion. The clip said the clip said, "strangers" have climbed from the fence into the inside, standing in front of the guard room tilted at a moment. But it was worth mentioning that when checking through the camera, he couldn't see that person's shape, the other was just a white shadow. The mysterious black. Clip posted on social networks shows that a group of people including men and women are reviewing clips extracting from surveillance cameras to verify things

. As expected, a black shadow climbed through the fence, casually walked around and stood right in front of the door, facing the security camera. "That, it's always going."
Not clear what the strange black shadow is, where this case happens but the clip has quickly attracted more than 1.3 million views with hundreds of thousands of comments only after 1 day of posting. Some old guessing people guessed, thought that the black shadow was a devil, but others suggest that this was just an editing product to threaten others.

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