Seeing The Mother And Wife Whispering In The Room, Her Husband Stopped The Story Of The Story Immediately Asked For Divorce

The husband himself couldn't expect his biological mother and his wife collided to hide a 'alarms' so that the romance of this couple began when they were both in college. . After graduation, they moved to marriage with a full wedding of spirituality. One year after marriage, his wife had good news. This makes the two-sided parents are extremely happy, everyone wants to come to the house of the couple to take care of her

. But because he doesn't want adults to struggle, young couples have decided not to bother anyone Why do you take care of yourself. However, when the wife entered the last months of pregnancy, her mother-in-law was not peaceful, so it was determined to stay in the same way to take care of my son. The husband is relatively busy, so he also agreed to invite his mother to come together
Illustration: Internet source. From the same day, the mother-in-law every day gets up early to go to the market, buy all kinds of fresh food Delicious about the mulberry. In front of this harmonious relationship, the husband is also very peace of mind and happy.Tin related to the inspection is assumed, the guy's floating guy: Look at this 4 words yet to say? All day must eat excess rice, The daughter strawberries poured the tray when he heard his mother-in-law says that he was born when he was born, everything in the house was still by a mother-in-law. Because of each experience of giving birth, it was handled by her. The idea that their lives would pass smoothly, but did not expect a heartbreak that caused the husband to fail collapsed. Thinking that she only woke up toilet for a while, but the husband waited forever without seeing his wife about the bed. It was worried, he decided to sit up and went to find his wife. Anyby to go through the mother room, he happened to hear the little chat of two people. But unexpectedly, the content of the story between them has made the man extremely angry and immediately asked for a cup Marriage: Illustration: Internet source
Cash, the other child is not his intestine but the result of a one-night love between his wife and other men. His intestines soon discovered this, but because of fear of married marriage, it would destroy his child's money, so she was only "sucking for a sweetened". Men were unable to repress their wrath. He immediately filed a single court to ask for a divorce. About the mother's mother, now the man feels extremely awkward when facing her. Although my mother did so because of his career, but the fact that she lied to such an important thing was always what made him watch his wings in his heart ... * Source: NetEase News

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