Seeing The Neighbor To Throw Away The Bag Of Newborns So I Picked Up, Opened That She Severely Saw Something Inside

Remembering the skinny shadow of the mother-in-law, I feel touched by Xa Xa.0putton / 1: 46 Nouthern Northern neighbors My neighbors are near birth, and I have been pregnant for 7 months . The day before, her mother-in-law came from her hometown to bring her daughter-in-law to cover newborn clothes because she would like to be in the countryside. It was all used, she asked to wash again and brought it to my daughter-in-law. I saw me, I was afraid to explain that she bought a new furniture, this old item couldn't use it to be crowded

. But children replace continuous washing, how much is it enough for enough. If you are willing to use it, leave it to the room at the time of the rain instead. Seeing she didn't use it anymore, so I picked up
If my house is not equal to her house, further see that it is still good to leave and unfortunately. Overlooking the house, I intend to wash it again for peace of mind, it must be dazed when I see something in the middle Clothing layer. It was an envelope, inside was exactly 15 million dong. Outside the envelope with the words "for her grandchildren". Maybe she was afraid to take it directly, the daughter-in-law refused to hide here? Remember the skinny shape of my mother-in-law, I feel touched. Having such a mother-in-law but it seems that she doesn't know your husband. This phase is reduced, that amount enough for me to give birth. I don't agree, not my money anyway. The couple argued and quarreled. Should I borrow her temporarily for a while, when can I return it or not? She doesn't know treasure the heart of her mother-in-law, paying back the money, she also peppered at the same time
Jiangjiang / Fatherland newspaper

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