Seeing The Pregnant Body, I Was Shocked About The Baby’s Father And Then Shocked With Her Intention

The dear friend hugged me and cried, talking about the father of the baby in the abdomen with a distressed and helpless membrane. Honoring.0: 00/2: 10 nammong in when I had two big children in elementary school, her friends My body is 35 years old without a piece of love. Normal appearance but make money very good. She deals in many items, every month earns a hundred million easy to get hands

. Every time I mentioned my husband, VI always said when I found a new giant. En Do not want to take a poor man, because it is afraid to raise people. Does busy work so many months now I don't have time to meet VI
Until 2 days ago, there was a job passing by the micro house, I stopped playing. Just saw Vi's pragmarked belly, I was surprised to ask who the baby was? She didn't say but hugged me to cry as if to bear a long-term memory now had the opportunity to be poured out so. Vi said that the boyfriend named Thinh, the rich in the world, loved each other for 7 months now. Looking for a friend crying, I was confused and I didn't know how to help? (Artwork) until pregnant, the boyfriend gave Vi to play the house and ask for a parent to marry. Any doubt of Thinh's mother says: "This family doesn't miss anything, my daughter-in-law is the face of the whole family, so you have to find a beautiful young daughter. And the person with a trivial appearance, the old age is like she is not good My son ". He said to find a true half of the true, he suspected that it was a guy who heard his parents. After that day I avoid meeting the micro and changing the phone number. Finding it to the house, only maids to chase vi.
She said it was afraid of being a single mother, micro-parents that knew they would be very heartbroken. Looking at her body crying, I'm confused, I can't know how to help? The price she accepted to get the guy to get less money but having morality, really love it today. Just because of the greed of micro too big, he has earned a lot of money, but he wants the future husband to be richer than before, to climb the pain. I have a pregnancy, but she wants to give birth I will take it to people. I was very shocked by the irresponsible self-others but didn't know how to advise her? Money has, the age is also big and still dreams of getting a rich handsome guy, even to raise the children, it's expectant. (Kimthoa ... @ according to

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