Seeing The Sister-in-law Throwing The Old Bag, I Would Like To Use And Shock When She Discovered A Terrible Secret Paper

I was stupid to put that paper to her husband, so that the consequences of the consequences of the consequences of the consequences of the sister's sister-in-law are very rich, several hundred million sisters are several hundred million easily. And my wife I am a wage server, so the income is only enough to spend in the family. The strawberry is very good, every month also buys my children 3 barrels of milk and many other foods. This month, my husband and I lost my job, at home without income. Each time the maternal sister to the market buys us food without taking any currency

. I am grateful to sister extremely, I don't know what to do to pay. Before, I crossed my sister's house to play, saw her throwing away the old bag, still looking beautiful so I was getting back. Wear a bag home, I check it out there? Only saw an old sheet of paper, compact in a corner, I was about to throw it but because of my curiosity, I still opened it
Must son of her husband's brother. HAPPY Look at me not like anyone on the interior and outside. In the past, every time I wondered if my husband told me very much, saying miscellaneously, I immediately put the DNA test for her husband to prove that he was his suspicion. My husband finished watching it very angry and wanted to meet the emergency family. Unfortunately, even though the sister-in-law is good to do. (Artwork) At this point I was regretted, blaming myself stupid, why betrayed the bride sister, take the husband to see what the paper do? When she was about to go to the brother's house to make big stories, I ran back to stop it. I told my sister very good, now that brake this truth, I broke up, then my family knew based on who ? The husband said that even though the sister-in-law was good to make it, he could not raise the child without pus nothing. I rushed into a piece of paper to let her husband run out of pregnancy. It until I calm down, my husband said he would tell his brother to take a test to expose his sister's lies. Only when I knelt in front of her husband, please don't say at this time
Wait when the couple earns the job, have money spending, not dependent on the sister-in-law, it is not yet late. At the same time, I don't know how to make her husband not reveal this For anyone else? People give me advice with? According to N.Dung (Vietnamese life rhythm)

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