Seeing The Wild Dog And Chasing The Car, The Boy Did Not Believe In His Eyes When He Looked Carefully

The moment clearly looked clearly the wild dog was chasing his car, the boy did not pliers touched and cried up in the middle of the year. Special engraved in my life on the social network Weibo. This young man is driving from home to return to the city to work, suddenly look at the rearview mirror and realize there is a wild dog chasing the car me. When the boy accelerated, it seemed that the dog also panicked faster to catch up with the car. Failed to the abnormality, the boy pulled into the margin to see what the dog was in the same problem

. . Photo: Sohusau minutes, the dog catches up the car. It is a long-time poodle dog without anyone taking care of anyone, so hairs grown, full body
On this moment, he understood all, he shouted "bean beans", and the dog was happy to bark and rake into the door. Related to Golden Dogs at home with natives When she sees the shape of the puppy when returning to the Poodle Lem dog This is the pet is lost from the half year ago by the boy! At the end of 2020, he carried the Poodle to his home to the family for a few days to go to the family The cooperation, unexpectedly parking the barn to go out and not see it again. The whole family thought the dog was caught by the thieves, may have been unable to survive. Not clear where the bean dog wandered, suicing where the last 6 months, but the dog could Recognizing the owner's car between crowded roads is the same as the arrangement of fate. The boy hugged his despached dog as died, he cried hiccups in the joy. Beans are still with the owner (left) and appearance of the animal's lem after 6 months wandering (right). Photo: Sohu known, before coming to the current owner, beans were also wild dogs wandering at the parking lot. This was the second animal facing the scene of "the sun shining". Perhaps the dog was extremely panic when he saw the owner of the road and had to find ways to chase him. Related to the day must eat excess rice, my daughter-in-law flocking the tray when heard the mother-in-law say this sentence, the dog also promises from now on will take good care for beans, do not let the dog go away again
Banks the post of the guy, many network users have been extremely moving and congratulating the young man who has found a four-legged friend, the online community does not forget to praise the peanut dog too smart when Recognizing the car's car between thousands of cars on the street.

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