Seeing Wilted Vegetables Do Not Throw Away Or Buy It, Do This Extremely Simple Way Of Turning Fresh Vegetables Back As Just Buying,

From wilted vegetables, the mothers 'turned' into fresh green vegetables opened by doing extremely simple.02 / 3: 41 Namkhi to go shopping, everyone always ignores the vegetable bundles Withered because they are no longer valid for use. However, a Australian woman named Renae think differently. As soon as you saw the only bunch of vegetables left on the shelves wily, wrinkled with a discount, she still decided to buy that vegetable bunches to help waste and make a miracle with just one cup and 1 little water .Yy wiltering becomes unexpectedly fresh through Renae's hand

. "You often never buy the bunch of vegetables that have withered? Don't really! Actually, you just need to buy, cut the stalk (like cutting stalks Flowers), then plugged them in the water, leaving overnight, and waiting for unexpected results "- Housewives shared their secrets on Facebook. After posting, Renae received countless praise because The smart way is extremely simple. Besides, some people also share simple ways to restore wilt vegetables that are similarly effective
There are many other ways to refresh vegetables like putting vegetables in a bottle of water and to enter the refrigerator. User named Pamela Said she also often does that, but adds 1/4 teaspoon of sugar or a little lemon juice into the water. Or Iryna Federico, a famous blogger also reveals the secret to keeping the vegetables fresh for a few days is to put vegetables in a bottle of water and to enter the refrigerator. Also, you can also refer to some tips " Resurrection "vegetables have withered the following: 1. Soaking vegetables in warm water 50 degrees CThe songs sounds wrong, because of wilting vegetables but soaked in warm water, there caused vegetables to "crush" more? So the truth of tips for soaking vegetables in this warm water is true? According to Mr. Kazumasa Hirayama - Representatives of the Cooking Technology Research Association shared that, want to take vegetables, fruits ... clean, told Longer and "reverse aging", soak them in warm water of 50 degrees, when washed with water at this temperature, the membrane of vegetables will be broken, causing the current Thermal shock statue. Now the water will penetrate and make fresh leaves back
Besides, fruits washed in this ideal temperature will also become more sweet within 2-3 days when preserved cold. Food is washed in Warm water not only helps fresher but allows long-term food more damaged first. This is also an effective method to clean all dirt and insects. He insisted that this miraculous method is not limited to vegetables, but also helps some other foods increase flavor Many times more than usual. There is a miraculous water that when you soak the vegetables have withered into will make them fresh again, it is a warm water 50 degrees C.2. Soak vegetables in cold ice back with the above way, this way you will use cold ice to refresh the vegetables. Lau tubers are wilted by dehydration. When using cold ice, antibiotic antiseptic will occur in vegetables, can also be understood that vegetables will easily absorb the amount of water that has evaporated from there, helping them "reborn" fresh again . You need to prepare a cold ice stone. Next, you mix 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vinegar and stir. After that, give vegetables in turn, then to soak in 12-15 minutes and watch the change together! 3. Putting vegetables in this water is quite simple, you just need to remove the root of the vegetable withered, then plug in the cold water tank like a normal flower arrangement and overnight and see the unexpected results! 4. Soak vegetables in a mixture of water and water, sugar can help your vegetables crispy green again. You just need to mix 1 tablespoon of sugar into the water pot then plug or soak the vegetables in, they will start fresh after a few hours. You can replace 1 tablespoon of sugar with 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice! 5. Using a paper paper, please remove the stamped parts because it is basically unable to use. After that, a little cold water on the surface of the vegetables and then use a notice to pack Closed. Next, just put in the refrigerator cooler for at least 1 hour to see the results.

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