Segment Of Class C June: Kia Cerato Sales Skyrocketed, Honda Civic ‘team’

The discount policies selling 'strong hands' at the dealer made Kia Cerato sales in June 2021 with 1,325 vehicles sold, helping this model continue to lead in the C.0 class segment. : 00/2: 25 Southern Southern Legends Celsius Certoms June: KIA CERATO Sales Surge, Honda Civic 'Team' Song 'Songs. Sales from Thaco shows, summarizing in June 2021 Kia Cerato reached 1,325 vehicles, led in the C-ranging car segment and contributed to the top 10 selling cars in the month. One of the main causes of contribution to Kia Cerato was the discovery of selling prices "Strong hands" of agents in the month, with the highest decline of up to 70 million

. According to the explanation of the Sales staff, the reduction in selling "strong hands" for Cerato is because THACO is about to introduce a new version to give an agent to reduce the old version to discharge.Mazda3 has a sales of 319 minutes in a thing position 2 in the rankings are Mazda3, "brother" with a house in Vietnam with Kia Cerato when reaching 319 vehicles sold in June. At the present, Thaco is conducting a discount for the car This C class with the highest decline of up to VND 55 million
This is considered a record reduction of this car in the first half of this year. In the C-rank sedan segment, Mazda3 is currently more weaker in the sales race with Kia Cerato and this model continuously recently Do not enter the Top 10 best-selling cars in Vietnam market. The number of Toyota Corolla Altis in June 2021 is 134 pieces like the opponent of Mazda3, the sales of the Corolla Altis class of Toyota Vietnam is not very much Quan in recent months. Report Japanese car sales report said only 134 Corolla Altis cars were handed over to customers. Although it also launched selling prices similar to other competitors, but sales of sales Toyota Corolla Altis does not improve.Hyundai Elantra new generation is about to be about to be released in addition to the game, Hyundai Elantra is also launched by agents with many selling prices for stimulus, however sales sell only reached 118 units. Many domestic sources said that the discounted agents sell to Elantra in recent months to clear the way for the upcoming new version.Honda Civic are being discounted to sell to VND 150 million at the end of the segment Class C car in June 2021 is a Honda Civic model with 94 cars leaving agents. Currently, the C class sedan is constantly holding the most "moist" position in the segment of each month. In the present time, Honda Civic is being reduced by agents selling by VND 150 million for Rs version
Meanwhile, other versions only receive a decrease of 70-80 million dong and accompanying accessories gifts. Category C TRANSPERTY RATES in June 2021: Bao Minh

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